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Software Review: FlexClip – Online Video Editor

by John Bhatt

With increasing popularity of YouTubers, you will see awesome, exciting, and cool videos.

However, if you wish to create such videos, you will need a similarly powerful video editor. The only problem is that most of the video editors in today’s world are very expensive, and some video editors will even cost from a few hundred to thousands dollars.

Today, we are going to review a video editor which is an easy-to-use and free/low-cost online video editor, named FlexClip.

With FlexClip video editor, you can create fantastic videos and photo slideshows with just a few steps and in an effortless and intuitive way. In fact, its interface looks very good and is really easy, with a simple and easy to understand design. It also has many features, suitable for both beginners and those who want to create professional and elaborate videos.

How to use FlexClip video editor?

At first, FlexClip allows the user to choose a different type of templates such as “business video templates” or “personal video templates” for various purposes and customize everything to fit your needs.

Of course, you can also make a new one. The following step will be the addition of your video material, a text, or an audio file.

Note that the duration of the pictures can be easily edited. Anyway, the endless video clips, the audio options, the images, and whatever else is inside this program allow users who are basically competent in the field of creating fantastic videos and as close as possible to what is considered professional. You can read a short and simple guide on the video editing you can do with FlexClip Video Editor by clicking here.

In addition, there is a free online tool in FlexClip that allows you to save videos in different formats, with no registration and login required.

FlexClip Online Video Editor
Timeline View of FlexClip Video Editor

Some of the key features of FlexClip video editor:

  • Easily remove unwanted segments of your video clip, move segments, split the sections, etc.
  • Zoom and rotate photos and video clips.
  • Choose an unlimited number of video templates, pictures and audio tracks from FlexClip picked library
  • Support all the most popular formats, such as MOV, WEBM, M4V, and MP4, AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, etc.
  • Allow you to use a microphone to record a voiceover
  • Add caption texts, and adjust the font, size, position, and alignment of the text to fit your style.
  • High quality video creation, including 480p, 720p and 1080p


  • It is easy for beginners to use with an intuitive interface.
  • It offers a variety of editing tools and functions, as well as perfect for photo slide shows.


  • Not good for advanced users. It is highly prone to failure, so it is not reliable enough.


In conclusion, FlexClip is the ideal tool to create free short and qualitative videos. It is full of interesting features and uses a simple drag & drop system. You can discover all the features of FlexClip Video Editor completely free.

Indeed on the site, you can download the video with a FlexClip watermark for free. Only if you like it you can proceed with the purchase, which has a fair price, is not expensive at all.

This article is in continuation of introducing free & open source tools those are useful to our readers. We are no way affiliated with FlexClip.

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