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Change Login Screen Background in Windows 7

by John Bhatt


Most of you are working with your computer and must have Windows 7 as main operating system. Windows 7 is the most stable and complete Operating system from Microsoft after Windows XP. There are many themes and background images available for Windows 7 in Microsoft personalization page.

As you have seen many Users using Windows 8 and their custom Lock Screen backgrounds. Means when they start windows they have a nice and custom background to Windows Login screen. However, Login Screen is same for all but the Background Image can be changed as per users choice.

But we have Windows 7 and I think this to do with Windows 7 also. In this post, we are going to change the background image of Login Screen of Windows 7 from default to any of your desired one. You can simply edit the same wallpaper and write some text there.

Lets start. Here we have two methods to do. One is simple and done with graphical method. Less chances of Damage to your OS. I will discuss the Manual method to change the Registry in another post sometime later.

Be-ware, you are doing this entirely on your own risk. In case anything wrong value changed or in case of misshapen, you will face entire loss and there will not be any fault of mine. I am providing tested and checked procedure and codes with screenshots.

Here is your normal Lock Screen (Login Screen in windows 7).

Download this Registry File:

[box type=”download” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Download Custom background in Windows 7[/box]

Now extract the Zip file and open Registry file. You will see the screen like below.

Change Login Screen background

Click Yes on User Account Control prompt. Next prompt will be like this.

Click Yes. This will modify value of a key in Registry of your Windows. You will see confirmation like below screen.

Now we can start working on our task. Lets get back to Windows Explorer and navigate to this address.

  • %windir%system32oobe
  • Create a New folder and rename to info.
  • Open info (newly created folder), Create a New Folder and rename to backgrounds.
  • Now paste/move your favourite image to newly created folder backgrounds.
  • Rename the wallpaper file to backgroundDefault.jpg.
Folder structure and names as same in above or in Screenshot.
Change Login Screen in Windows 10
Remember, Background image must be in JPEG format. Other formats will not work.
Now have a look at your newly changed Background of Login Screen.
Lock your screen or Reboot your computer to see the changes. You might not see the background if you have single user account in Operating system without password and fast hardware resources. Press Windows+L key to go to Lock screen and see the changes. Below is mine.
Change Login Screen Windows 10

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+John Bhatt


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