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Install Windows from USB (Pen Drive) – Part 2

by John Bhatt
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This is a second and final article of our previous chain article How to Install Windows 7 from USB? We request you to read the part 1 of this article (linked) before proceeding.

In last article we have finished after making a USB Bootable. We hope you have following things ready moving ahead.

  • Windows Installation USB Device (Pen Drive). Please look at the 100% status in final step mentioned in first part of this article. All USB storage devices (pen drives) might not be converted to boot device. So please take care of that.
  • If you are installing on Desktop PC, maintain Power supply proper in case of Laptops/Notebooks keep battery full charge and keep plugged-in. Power failure in middle can crash your Hard-disk.
  • Older PCs might not support booting from USB or newer devices might have Boot from USB setting disabled. Please go to BIOS settings (by pressing Del key or F2 key in boot screen) and enable this.
  • Most of new devices has Quick Boot device selection (F12) menu disabled by default. Either enable that setting or from boot setting, set USB device as first boot priority. This is less recommended because if you are not experienced user, you might create multiple installations.
Install Windows from USB
Enabling F12 Menu for Boot device selection
Install Windows from USB
Setting USB Device on Top of Boot order

You have taken Backup of your important files and set Identification for Hard Disk partitions.

Lets move to our procedure to begin installation.

Install Windows from USB

  1. Plug-in the installation USB stick and restart your computer. When computer restart press a key based on your BIOS setting. If you have set USB as your first Boot device, you need not to do anything. If you have not done so, Press F12 button. Pressing F12 button will open a new menu to select Boot device.
Install Windows from USB - Part 2
Select your USB Device as Boot Device
  •  Now Windows will load setup files. Please note, in this article we are installing Windows 7 so the process is few more clicks.
  • You will see Install Windows screen with basic and first step settings.
    Install Windows from USB
  • Set your language, Time and currency format and Keyboard method and click next button. In next screen, if everything goes OK, you will see Install now button as in image below.
    Install Windows from USB
  • When you click Install now button, you will see a message like Setup is starting and then a License Agreement screen. Read license terms and click on check-box “I accept the license terms” and click next.
  • Now next is a most important screen, you will see a question with two options. “Which type of installation do you want?“. Answer are Upgrade and Custom (Advanced). If you have lower version of Windows and want to just upgrade your Windows first option is perfect as it keeps your files, settings and most of programs safe. But if you are going to format your system due to Virus or any other issue, choose second option, ie Custom (advanced). This will install a new copy of Windows and do not keep your files and folder, also it lets you to select partition where you want to install Windows.
    Install Windows from USB
  • Next is the Disk partition selection screen. You will see all the Disks and their partitions created in this screen. If you have not assigned Labels for Windows partitions, you might face difficulty selection your partition. However, there are other properties listed like total size, free space and disk type. If you want to format your disk, select Drive Options (advanced) and click format (make sure data is backed up).
    Install Windows from USB
  • Be double sure before deleting a partition or formatting. Deleting partition will leave the space of hard-disk and you have to use New command listed in the same GUI to create new partition.
    Install Windows from USB
  • Once you have done with above wizards, now select your disk partition and click Next button to proceed to installation.
    Installation Process Start
  • Now the screen is changed to Installing Windows.. and you will see few steps and their progress in percentile among them Copying Windows files to disk, Expanding Windows files, Installing Features, Installing Updates and finally Completing installation. During this process Windows might re-boot many times. This is normal and do not worry. If you have set USB as first boot device, please remove USB device while PC restarts. Else on every reboot, PC will start new installation. 
    Install Windows from USB
  • When this will complete and system reboots, next screen is Setup is starting Services, where no need to do any actions and now finally Completing Installation step will be running. When Windows Installation is finished, Windows will ask you to create Username and set Machine Name. 
    Installing Windows from USB
  • Next is Set a password for your account screen, then Type your Windows product key screen, next is Windows Update Setting screen, and finally your Date-Time review screen. Once you review and complete these fields, you will see final screen.
    Install Windows from USB

    Install Windows from USB
  • OK, Are you searching for next step. There is no next step. You have successfully completed installation of Windows 7 from USB.

    If you find this article helpful, please share among your friends and provide feedback.

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