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How to enable Developer Tab in Microsoft Excel

by John Bhatt

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]icrosoft Excel is one of the most powerful application software that Microsoft made. We can do from simple calculations to very very complex calculations as well as many customization through macro and integrated VBA programming.

But, to record Macros or to insert some interactive components like Check-boxes, Radio Button and Combo box and many other controls, we need to have Developer tab where all these commands are located.

Lets have a look at our requirement, we are here displaying the screenshot before developer tab.

Developer Tab in Excel

Step 1: Click on File menu and choose options as shown in below screen.Enableing Developer Tab in Excel - 2

Step 2: Clicking on Options menu will bring you a new dialogue box having all the Microsoft Excel options. From the left side options choose, [highlight color=”green”]Customize Ribbon[/highlight] option. Check below screenshot.


Have a look at above screen, we have highlighted the value to be noticed in this case. Enable Developer Tab

Check on Developer check-box under Main Tab section in right section and click on OK.

Developer Tab Enabled

Once we click on OK button above, no need to restart Microsoft Excel, Here we got the Developer Tab. In future series on Microsoft Excel, we will continue to write about Microsoft Excel for advanced users and use of developer controls given.

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