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Fix one or more Rows (Header) in Microsoft Excel

by John Bhatt
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Lets work with excel some more. After long back, I am going to continue my Excel series. Today we will learn about a very useful feature of Microsoft Excel.

Suppose we have headers in top row or 2nd or third row and lots of data. Suppose a thousand records or more. This generally happens at offices, schools and various workstations. We need to scroll down the page to view records but while it is large, we get confused with data, It is confusing that what is field header (i.e. What is data).

Lets be clear with below small example.

Fix one or more Rows (Header) in Microsoft Excel 5

If above excel sheet. I have maintained ledger balance of Drivers of my company. This file has 2855 Rows (your file might have more or less).

While I have to view other records, I have to scroll the page. This will look like this snapshot.

Fix one or more Rows (Header) in Microsoft Excel 6

What data is in column F, or G or H. If I do not remember, we have to scroll back and view headers and then come back to last position. To overcome this problem, Microsoft Excel has built-in feature called Freeze Rows or Panes. In this post, we will learn how to fix a Top row or more rows at same time.
If you are using Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 the method is similar.

Lets go to process.

  1. If Top row of your sheet is header, you need not to do anything, But if you have headers in second or third row, Select entire row below from header row by clicking in Row name..
  2. Click on View Tab on Office Ribbon.
  3. Click on Freeze Top Row if header in First row or Freeze Panes if header in second or third row. 

Fix one or more Rows (Header) in Microsoft Excel 7

Now look at this. How it looked after scrolling down.

Fix one or more Rows (Header) in Microsoft Excel 8

One thing most important about this feature. Your settings are saved within file. Means if you share file with other via email or other sharing tools, your settings remains same even if Microsoft Office version changes or system varies.

All the Best. If you found if helpful, do not forget to post a thank or +1 on Google.
+John Bhatt 

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