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Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Excel 2003

by John Bhatt


Lets have a look at some keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel

Table of keyboard shortcuts (combinations)
SN Key Action Alternate
1 Ctrl+A Select All
2 Ctrl+B Bold
3 Ctrl+C Copy
4 Ctrl+D Fill Down
5 Ctrl+F Find
6 Ctrl+F Goto
7 Ctrl+H Replace
8 Ctrl+I Ralice
9 Ctrl+K Insert Hyper Link
10 Ctrl+N New Workbook
11 Ctrl+O Open
12 Ctrl+P Print
13 Ctrl+R Fill Right
14 Ctrl+S Save
15 Ctrl+U Under Line
16 Ctrl+V Paste
17 Ctrl+W Close File,Clse
18 Ctrl+X Cut Edit,Cut
19 Ctrl+Y Repeat Edit,Repeat
20 Ctrl+Z Undo Edit,Undo
21 F1 Help Help,Contents and Index
22 F2 Edit None
23 F3 Paste Name Insert,Name,Past
24 F4 Repeat test action Edit,Repeat,Works while not in Edit mode
25 F4 White typing a formula, Switch between absotule/reletave rels None
26 F5 Goto Edit,Goto
27 F6 Next pane None
28 F7 Spell check Tools,Speling
29 F8 Extent mode None
30 F9 Recaicutate all work book Tools,Options,Calucation,Cale,Now
31 F10 Active Member N/A
32 F11 New chart Insert, Chart
33 F12 Save As File,Save As
34 Ctrl+ : Insert Cument Time None
35 Ctrl+ ; Insert Current Date None
36 Cttrl+ “ Copy Value form Cell Above Edit,Pest Special,Value
37 Ctrl+ Copy Formula form Cell Above Edit,Copy
38 Shift Hold down sift for additinaol in Excel’s me None
39 Shiftt+F1 What’s This? Help,What’s This?
40 Shift+F2 Edit Cell Comment Insert, Edit,Comments
41 Shift+F3 Pest function Into formulas Insert, Function
42 Shift+F4 Find Next Edit,Next,Find Next
43 Shift+F5 Find Edit,Next,Find Next
44 Shift+F6 Previous pen None
45 Shift+F8 Add to selection None
46 Shift+F9 Calculete active worksheet Calc Sheet
47 Shift+F10 Display shortcut menu None
48 Shift+F11 New  worksheet Insert, Worksheet
49 Shift+F12 Save File,Save
50 Ctrl+F3 Define Name Insert Names Define
51 Ctrl+F4 Close File Close
52 Ctrl+F5 XL Restore window Size Restore
53 Ctrl+F6 Next workbook window Window,….
54 Shift +Ctrl+F6 Previous workbook window Window,….
55 Ctrl+F7 Move window XL,Move
56 Ctrl+F8 Resize window XL,Size
57 Ctrl+F9 Minimize workbook XL,Minimize
58 ctrl+F10 Maximize or Restore window Xl,Maximize
59 Ctrl+F11 Insert 4.0 Micro Sheet None Excel 97
60 Ctrl+F12 File open File,Open
61 Alt+F1 Insert chart Insert, Chart….
62 Alt+F2 Save As File Save As
63 Alt+F4 Exit File,Exit
64 Alt+F8 Micro diloge box Tools,Micro,Microsins in year Excel 97 Tools,Macros – in earlier version
65 Alt+F11 Visual BasicEditor Tools,Micro,Bisual Basic Editor
66 Ctrl+Shift+F3 Creat name by presing names  of row and column tables Insert,Name,Create
67 Ctrl+Shift+F6 Previous window Window
68 Ctrl+Shift+F12 Print File,Print
69 Alt+Shift+F1 New worksheet Insert,Worksheet
70 Alt+Shift+F2 Save File,Save
71 Alt+= Auto sum No direct equivalent
72 Alt+ Toggle value/Formula display Tool,Options,View,Formulas
73 Ctrl+Shift+A Insert argument names Into formula No direct equivalent
74 Alt+Down arrow Display auto Complete list None
75 Alt+” Formula style dialog box Formet,Style
76 Ctrl+Shift+~ General formet Format, Sells, Number, Category ,General
77 Ctrl+Shift+! Comma format Format, Sells, Number, Category,Number
78 [email protected] Time Formet Format, Sells, Number, Category,Time
79 Ctrl+Shift+# Date formet Format, Sells, Number, Category,Date
80 Ctrl+Shift+$ Currency formet Format, Sells, Number, Category,Currency,
81 Ctrl+Shift+% Persent forment Format, Sells, Number, Category,Persentage
82 Ctrl+Shift+^ Exponential formet Format, Sells, Number, Category
83 Ctrl+Shift+& Place autline border around selected cell Formet,Cells,Border
84 Ctrl+Shift+_ Remove outlion border Formet,Cells,Border
85 Ctrl+Shift+ Select current region Edit,Goto,Special,Current Region
86 Ctrl++ Insert Insert,(Ros,columns,or Cells)Depends on selection
87 Ctrl+- Delete Delete,(Ros,columns,or Cells)Depends on selection
88 Ctrl+1 Formet cell dilog box Formet,Cells,Border
89 Ctrl+2 Bold Formet,Cells,Font,Font style,Bold
90 Ctrl+3 Italic Formet,Cells,Font,Font style,Italic
91 Ctrl+4 Under Line Formet,Cells,Font,Font style,Underlion
92 Ctrl+5 Strikethrow Formet,Cells,Font,Effects,Strikethrough
93 Ctrl+6 Show / Hide object Tool,Options,View Objects,Show All/Hide
94 Ctrl+7 Show / Hide Standerd toolbar View,Toolbar,Standard
95 Ctrl+8 Toggle outline symbols None
96 Ctrl+9 Hide row Formet,Row,Hide
97 Ctrl+0 Hide columns Formet,Columns,Hide
98 Ctrl+Shift+( Unhide row Formet,Row,Underlion
99 Ctrl+Shift+) Unhide columns Formet,Columns,Underline
100 Alt or F10 Activet the menu None
101 Ctrl+Tab In toolbar : Next toolbsr None
102 Shift+Ctrl+Tab In toolbar : Privous toolbar None
103 Ctrl+Tab In a workbook : Active next workbook None

Thanks to +Suresh kumar Awasthi for this Keyboard shortcuts collection. If you enjoyed and find this helpful, share this article or leave a feedback.

+John Bhatt 

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