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Text Functions : Microsoft Excel Part-1

by John Bhatt
Text Functions Excel

After some gap, I am back with Excel Tutorials . Lets learn Microsoft Excel in depth and work with functions. In this post, I am going to discuss all of the text functions with examples.


Some of the best and one line definitions of Function are as below.

A function is a block of code that performs a calculation and returns a value.

We define a function as a special type of binary relation.

In short, function is a piece of code that is programmed to perform specific task. There are also some functions in Microsoft excel which can be easily implemented to get better and correct output in timely manner.

The most useful and important feature of Microsoft Excel function is, they update their value automatically if any of the parameter (cell value) changed. We need not to change or update the cell which contain formula.

Even we can protect the cell which contain formula so that, no one can alter the formula in shared document. Functions in Excel are divided in many category according to their use and working nature.

Some of them are Text, Date & Time, Logical, Maths & Trigonometry, Engineering etc.

The complete list of all Text Functions available in Microsoft Excel is as below. The new functions are added as part of user requirement and improvement in newer version of Microsoft Office.

This list is taken from Microsoft Office 2003, so all later versions of Microsoft Excel (2007, 2010, 2013) will work and procedure will be same for all.

Text Functions Excel

Text Functions

We will be talking about text functions in this post.

Why we call these functions text function?

Simple, they work with text, they can manipulate text cells, they can process normal text.

Clear, they work with text, they can manipulate text cells, they can process normal text.

  2. CHAR()
  3. CLEAN()
  4. CODE()
  6. DOLLAR()
  7. EXACT()
  8. FIND()
  9. FIXED()
  10. LEFT()
  11. LEN()
  12. LOWER()
  13. MID()
  14. PROPER()
  15. REPLACE()
  16. RIGHT()
  17. SEARCH()
  19. T()
  20. TEXT()
  21. TRIM()
  22. UPPER()
  23. VALUE()
    Functions added in Microsoft Office 2013.
  25. UNICHAR()
  26. UNICODE()

I will be discussing the use of these function in detail on next post. Till then keep digging.

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John Bhatt

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