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Sometimes, we show Logo of the manufacturer and brand name of Laptop or PC displayed in System Properties of Windows. But after formatting and re-installing Windows, that details might not be there on your system.
This post is about how to display the Logo and Name of Manufacturer of Computer, Computer Model on your System Properties.
Lets be clear with below screenshots. SystemProperty

As here in you see Manufacturer, System Model and Logo of manufacturer in System section of System Ionformation, which can be easily found by Right Click over My Computer or Computer Icon and choosing Properties option on Desktop.

Lets move step by step, but before moving search or create png image of Manufacturer Logo which must be 96px in width or height. Remember File format must be PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format.

Warning: We are not using any external software here. This is simple process of adding some key in Registry, but if you are not OK with it, please do not try. Changes in Registry setting can cause your system crash and we are not responsible for that in any case.

Step 1: Open Registry Editor. Simplest method is to type regedit in Run box.


Step 2: Choose Yes in User Account Control dialogue and proceed to Registry Editor. Now expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE node and follow to below path.


Step 3: Add String by Right Click > New > String Value. Supported Value names are Logo, Manufacturer, Model, SupportPhone, SupportHours, SupportURL.


You can put your Logo to a safe place where it is not deleted generally. I put it inside Windows installation folder. You can put your desired Logo, Name, Model ID and other string values as mentioned above.


Thanks for reading. If you find this article helpful, please share among your friend and provide feedback. These help us improve.

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