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How to show My Computer, User, Network Icons in Windows 10

by John Bhatt
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When Windows 10 is in its final finishing time, Microsoft is busy giving it Final touch and fixing bugs. As Windows 10 is scheduled to release on 29th July 2015, Microsoft has to finish the final work before at least 2 week and distribute Windows to OEM partners so manufacturers can ship their devices on launch date. However, Microsoft OSG general manager has already told that Insiders will still be getting newer builds.

However, we are with Windows 10 Insiders Preview build 10162. Where we get new Windows Wallpaper and many bug fixes.

Windows 10 Desktop.

In this article, we will help you to get your Old friends back, Old friends mean the Desktop Icons which were on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and even if you are older user they existed on previous versions too. You are right, we are talking about My Computer, My Documents, User, Network and Control Panel icons. By default these icons were not displayed at the time of installation. Even icons do not sync on Microsoft account. Being all settings moved to Metro style layout, some features are re-grouped to new menu.

Showing This PC, My Documents (User’s Files), Control Panel, Network icons in Windows 10

Lets start without wasting any amount of time.

Step 1: Go to Desktop and Open Personalize Settings.

  • Right Click and choose Personalize.
  • Open Settings and click on Personalization button.Personalize Windows 10

Step 2: Click on Themes in Left panel after opening Personalization setting page. Click on Desktop icon settings like as shown in highlighted section.Icons in Windows 10

Step 3: You will get a screen like below. Now check which desktop Icon you wish to display.ChooseDesktopIconsInWindows10

Now you have chosen your Icons and clicked OK to finish. Lets see is there any change in Desktop.


Wow, you get all the (we prefer to say Old friends) icons in Windows 10 Desktop. But be sure you have enable settings to display Desktop Icons. To check Right Click on Desktop > View > Show desktop icons.

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