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How to Show System Folders in Start Menu in Windows 10?

by John Bhatt
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While Windows 10 is on its final stage, we are busy exploring new features and creating a large collection of Tutorials for Windows 10 related common problems and fixed.

Today, we are sharing a useful customization setting that will enable us to add most use (system )Folders to Start Menu. As you remember, we have options to display My Documents, Pictures, Music and other system folders in right side of Menu just below User name and above control panel.

System Folders in Start Menu

Even you are not using Windows 10 yet, we have shared screenshots in our previous articles related to Windows 10. Lets have a look at normal Windows 10 start menu when chosen not to go with Full screen layout.


Click on Settings from Start Menu as shown in above shown. We have discussed about Opening Settings in Windows 10 in our previous articles on Windows 10 category. We are trying to add some system folders to Start Menu just above File Explorer.

Open Settings and click on Personalizations menu.
Personalize Windows 10

Click on Start settings link in left corner and you will see a screen like below.


Click on a linkbutton in bottom of page “Choose which folders appear on Start“. You will be at this screen. There are predefined folders till now in TH1 Professional 10240 build but we might expect custom folders in future builds.


As you are aware, for most settings in Modern UI, there is no save or apply button. So these toggle buttons will automatically update settings without any additional effort.

Lets have a look at new menu.


Well, you can see extra folders/icons as per your selection in Start Menu. Keep digging in newest version of Windows with us. We are adding many more articles on Windows 10 daily. Share over social media.

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