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Microsoft confirms moving Edge to Chromium

by John Bhatt
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Clearing the rumors on technical world, Microsoft has announced it will move its Windows 10 Browser to Chromium powered engine. 

In a post titled “Microsoft Edge: Making the web better through more open source collaboration” on Windows Experience Blog, Joe Belfiore (Corporate Vice President, Windows) has confirmed the same. Read blog here.

Earlier to this, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are built on Microsoft’s own Trident & EdgeHTML engine respectively.

Along with this, Microsoft’s wish to contribute more on Open Source Software (OSS) comes to Chromium Project. Along with this, Microsoft said, they will ship Edge to earlier supported versions of Windows and even other platforms like Mac OS. 

How can you get the new Edge?

Microsoft has invited developers for the testing of Edge build with Chromium. As per Insider page, the new Edge will be released somewhere in 2019. 

Visit Microsoft Edge Insider Community and register with your email ID. When the product will be ready, you will receive a notification.

I am using Edge, should I get worried?

No, the Edge which is currently available, not going to change. Instead, there will be new browser and most probably expect it with the 19H1 version of Windows 10.

How it will impact Web Developers?

Different Browser Engine has their own way to rent HTML and CSS codes, different support for JavaScript and other scripts. But a web based product should be compatible with different browsers as user can access that on his favorite one. 

This creates the difficulty for Web Developers. They have to create product which behave nicely with all major browsers and does not break functionality of application. If Edge makes move to Chromium browser, developer has not to test and make it compatible to one more browser engine here. The product will behave nicely on all Chromium based browsers like Google Chrome, Opera and other many major browsers based on Chromium’s engine named Blink. 

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