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One in Every 7 People use Windows 10, Officially 1 Billion Active Windows 10 Devices

by John Bhatt

Via a official announcement in Windows Experience Blog, Microsoft has confirmed that official active device count running on Windows 10 has crossed 1 Billion.

Last month, a news about Microsoft Windows 10 crossing 1 Billion devices came and out and Microsoft ruled it out saying that official count still remains the previous one.

Timeline Feature in Windows 10 Allows you to find history of your app usage

In more than 200 countries, Microsoft Windows 10 Operating system is being used in different types of devices now making active device count to cross over 1 billion.

Out of these 1 billion Active Windows 10 running devices, these are Laptops, Desktop PCs, Surface, X-Boxes are helping people planning, creating, ideating, executing, moving, shaking and doing great things with Windows 10.

As per Microsoft announcement, 100% of Fortune 500 companies are using Windows 10 which is itself a feat.

Now, Support for Windows 7 has officially ended in January 2020, this number of active devices will rise over the month. Soon we will see 1 Billion active Windows 10 device count to increase and go up.

Microsoft Ink, Hello Windows Insiders!

Also, 17.8 million Active Windows 10 Insiders are helping to shape Windows 10 for better and more stable than ever. Windows 10 Insider Program is served via two channels, one is Fast Ring & Other is Slow Ring. Fast ring gets frequent builds and Slow rings gets slightly more stable builds.

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