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Release date of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update – October 17, 2017

by John Bhatt
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After release of Creators Update, few month ago, Microsoft has started working on Fall Creators Update with channel name RS3.

Since last few months, Windows 10 Insider Preview builds from RS3 channel are being rolled in fast ring and slow ring for Insiders.

While they have already announced regarding this, they are working on next major update and RS3 channel is only getting bug fixes, they have not declared dates.

At IFA 2017, Microsoft has announced dates for availability of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. If you have been following our news related to new builds, you must have idea about what new are added. If not, lets summarize quickly.

Windows Ink : A new app which is improved drastically and with Pen support, you can draw anything seamlessly.

Windows Ink on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Photos and Videos App is not reimagined and almost new.

OneDrive files on Demand: You can view all files those are in your OneDrive without downloading them locally. This will save Data as well as Bandwidth. Your storage will be used only if you choose to save content locally.

Gaming: X-Box console support and other gaming updates. Even some PCs will support wireless X-Box console support.

Security: Security is always a priority and as world has seen in recent months, how a ransomeware destroyed peoples data and created terror among users while none of Windows 10 users in that list. Security has been always a great feature of Windows 10 and it is improved more.

Eye Control: More enhanced accessibility feature for impaired peoples.

Mixed Reality: With great PCs ahead, Mixed reality is in Windows 10. This is awesome. By adding appropriate hardware peripheral, your Windows PC will let you dive where you want to be.

Make yourself ready, we will be sharing you the methods of getting Windows 10 Fall Creators Update as it starts rolling 17th October 2017.

Q: How to download Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on 17th October 2017?

A: We have previously shared this in a article, you can download latest stable version of Windows using official Microsoft Media tool. You can download Fall Creators Update on 17th October 2017 on DVD or ISO using this method.

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