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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16257 for PC in Fast Ring Available

by John Bhatt
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Microsoft has announced new build of Windows 10 Insider Preview for PC. Build 16257 is released with following new features and changes.

Eye Control Beta in Build 16257

Starting this build of Windows 10 Insider Preview, systems with qualifying hardware for eye tracking hardware can unlock and perform basic actions with the help of eye tracking.

One of such Eye Tracking device is TOBII Eye Tracker 4C, you can get this from amazon India.

Using this technology, people having problem with using input tools like Mouse, Keyboard can use Windows using Eye Tracking.

Also, gaming experience will be much more fun using these tools. However this is first beta for public of Eye Tracking, we can expect much more improvement in near future.

Also, using this technology, you can type using on-screen keyboard, perform mouse actions like selecting and opening, convert your text to speech and basically perform all basic actions using Eye Tracking technology.

In coming days, Microsoft will continue to provide support for hardware of other vendors and in coming build of Windows 10 Insider Preview, Microsoft will also include device driver for other TIBII devices.

Microsoft Edge Improvement in Build 16257

There are lots of design and core improvement in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 Insider Preview build 16257.

Console Improvement in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16257

I like to call this Command Prompt of MS DOS, officially it is CONSOLE.

CONSOLE is now colorful, have you ever imagined your console screen can be colorful.

Now console supports 24bit colors but to enable this feature, you have to perform a clean install for this build.

There are lots of other improvements and new features in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16257.

If you are technically able to handle to loss that may happen or have already set a virtual machine for testing Windows 10 Insider Builds, you can get this build in fast ring by visiting Windows Update.

For the complete list of updates and features, you can visit the announcement in Windows Blog.

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