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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17063 available for PC in Fast Ring

by John Bhatt
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Microsoft has released a new build for Windows 10 Insiders in fast ring for PC. Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17063 has some of the coolest new features and many more new features included.

Some of the exciting features that worth mentioning here are as below.


Timeline is a kind of activity log which will be collected to your Microsoft account using Cortana. This can be across all other platforms and multiple PCs where Cortana is available. Even if multiple Desktop PCs and device are connected to single Microsoft account, the timeline will be same on all devices and include activity log from all devices.

Microsoft Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17063 timeline feature

A screenshot of Timeline feature in Windows 10 Build 17063 © Microsoft

As you can see in above screenshot, all the apps and websites you have visited are recorded and those will be available through grouped Scrollable Timeline view. The Task View icon in task bar which is earlier used to switch between multiple desktops is updated and will now also present timeline.

One of the major advantage of this timeline feature is, you can pick your work where you left. If you are in the middle of creating some excel sheet or just reading interesting news just before you have to leave that, this feature will let you pick what you left.

In more simpler words, it is the History of your Application usages just similarly as we can see Browser history.

Cortana Improvements including more Voice Commands

Now Cortana can control and play music on your Windows PC using Spotify app. There is one more interesting thing, using new Timeline feature, Cortana reminds you about the document that you left open in different device.


Sets is a new feature that is earlier announced. It suppose to create a collection of things. When you are working in a project, you can combine Web Pages, Notes, Excel Sheets and other references in a single set where all resources are combined at single location.

Other many improvements are made in this build and it is worth trying. Read about all changes here.

As always, Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds are unstable, unreleased builds and unless you are comfortable with formatting your PC and recovering data, you should try it in virtual machine.

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