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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17741 released in Fast Ring

by John Bhatt

Microsoft has released a new build for Insiders in Fast Ring under RS5 channel. Build 17741 is released with lots of bug fixes and tunings and a new feature.

As announced a new app is added in Windows and it works with any Android 7.0+ smartphone. Your Phone app is added in Windows and to pair with phone. This app will send link of another app in your Android phone which you must download. 

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17741 - Windows Explorer Dark Theme

Once paired, you can easily navigate between files, photos in your phones in your PC seamlessly. 

Below are other new features in this build. 

We fixed an issue where the taskbar flyouts (network, volume, etc) no longer had an acrylic background in recent builds.
We fixed an issue affecting certain apps where after quitting the app from its systray icon, the next time the app launched it would only display its systray icon (and not the corresponding open app window).
We fixed an issue in recent builds resulting in Spotlight taking an unusually long time to switch pictures after selecting “Not a fan” from under “Like what you see?”
We’re updating the image size limit for clipboard history (WIN + V) from 1MB to 4MB to accommodate the potential size of full screen screenshots taken on a high-DPI devices.
We fixed an issue where if you opened Cortana and then clicked the Notebook icon before starting your search, then window would end up truncated.
We fixed an issue where if Action Center was already open, Narrator wouldn’t announce incoming notifications.
We fixed an issue resulting in autoplay notifications not appearing recently until you pressed WIN.


Read full announcement with known issues and features here.

WARNING: As we have earlier told you, Windows 10 Insider Builds are beta version of upcoming operating system which are not released and meant for general public. Please do not install these builds in your main system to avoid any possible data crash. Click link to read all posts tagged to Insider Preview Build.

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