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Live Result : Monday Night RAW Episode 1142 (13th April 2015)

by John Bhatt
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Stay tuned for Live Results of WWE Monday Night RAW Episode 1142 (Season 23 Episode 14) aired on 13th April 2015 live from O2 Arena in London, England with 16750 Live audience. 


If you wish your can check result for episode 1141 at results for previous episode.

As advertised, we can see a John Cena’ US open challenge, Randy vs Seth Rollins and few Divas in action.

Kickoff :

John Cena is coming towards ring. 

 Match 1: John Cena vs Bad News Barrett for US Championship 

But Rusev came and punched with Steel chain causing John Cena unconscious. And news for Extreme Rules United States Championship Match will be Russian Chain match.

The Bella Twins are approaching the ring.
Match 2: Divas Battleroyle for No 1 contender for Extreme Rules

All eliminated, Now Paige & Naomi for number 1 in ring. And Paige won the match by eliminating Naomi and will face Nikki Bella at Extreme Rules for Divas Title. 

While Byron is taking interview of Paige, Naomi attacked from behind.

Now Bray Wytt with new message on screen. 

Match 3: Lucha Dragons vs The Assenssion 

Lucha Dragons win the tag team match. 

Now time for interview with Booker T

Big show inturrepted the show via screen. And Big Show said, his mission is to make Roman Reign an epic failure in WWE history. Interview is over and while Roman Reign was going towards Locker room, Big Show came out and attacked. Audience chanting “You sold out” for Big Show.

Match 4: Randy Orton vs Cejaro 

Cejaro is companied by Tyson Kidd and interrupted the match. Winner by disqualification Randy Orton. But Kane inturrepted and  turned match into 2 on 1 handicapped match. 

Match 5: Randy Orton vs Cejaro & Tyson Kidd

Now it seems planned destruction of the Viper. But not easy, RKO to Kidd and pinned to three.

Randy won this handicapped match. Now match for Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziglar is being discussed between the Authority. 

Match 6: Dean Ambrose vs Adam Rose 

Adam Rose is with Rosebirds here.

The Big Show suggesting Kane what’s best for business.

We might see Kane vs Seth Rollins match tonight.

Match 7: Fandango vs Stardust

Stardust  won the match and Fandango blamed Rosa for the loosing match. 

Match 8: Seth Rollins vs Kane 

 Kane is on knee, laid down and asked Seth Rollins to pin. Kicked in 1. Now real fight us coming. A big slap on the face of Rollins. Rollins is begging for future. 

After a choke slam, Kane laid down, out hand of Seth Rollins in his chest and Seth Rollins won the match. 

Match 9: The Miz vs Damian Mizdow

Mizdow came with Summer Rae. 

And Mizdow won the match.

Now Prime time players making joke of Los Maya dares.

Match 10: Ryback vs Luke Harper 

Luke Harper used table and disqualified. Winner by DQ Ryback. Dean Ambrose came and attacked Luke Harper.

Meanwhile at backstage, Interview of Naomi with Byron.

Match 11: Dolph Ziglar vs Neville 

After a spectacular DDT by Ziglar, Neville managed to kickout.

Now time for Seth Rollins and Randy Orton.

“Boys have a seat please.”- Seth Rollins to J&J Security

Seth Rollins have banned RKO st Extreme Rules on title match while Randy Orton banned Authority interruption by making match inside Steel cage match.

This is it for this episode. WWE Monday Night RAW Episode 1142 is over for now. We will be back next week with new episode.

 Till then keep reading. 


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