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Live Result : Monday Night RAW Episode 1144 (27th April 2015)

by John Bhatt
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Stay tuned for Live Results of WWE Monday Night RAW Episode 1144 (Season 23 Episode 16) aired on 27th April 2015.

08:42 AM
Now its result for poll.

08:37 AM

08:14 AM
Now its Main Event for RAW Episode 1144.

08:09 AM

Luke Harper vs Neville for 1st round of King of Ring

After the High flying from top rope, Neville advances to Semifinal of King of Ring.
Winner: Neville

06:58 AM

Sheamus vs Dean Ambrose for 1st Round of King of the Ring

Wait a minute, Ziggler is hereafter Sheamus but Referee disqualified Dean Ambrose.
Winner: Sheamus by DQ


Brie Bella vs Naomi

Winner: Naomi

R-Truth vs Stardust for 1st round of King of the Rings


John Cena vs Heath Slater for United States Championship
While Heath accepted challenge but Rusev attacked from behind and injured Heath Slater. And accounced his rematch for WWE Payback which will be I Quit match.

Dolph Ziggler vs Bad News Barret – 1st Round of King of the Rings

Caused by distraction from Sheamus, winner of match Bad News Barret. Now its time for John Cena open US Challenge.

Kickoff: Show srarted with promo of King of the Rings. Seth Rollins with J&J security and Kane have approached the ring.
While Seth is describing his deeds, WWE universe chant with “You Suck”. Kane reminds him about illegal use of RKO. While both are arguing Randy Orton is here and demands a rematch.
Now Roman Reigns is here too demanding a title match. Kane conducted a poll on WWE app for the opponent of Seth Rollins at WWE Payback.

With Regrets for being unable to update completely.

This is it from the Monday Night RAW Episode 1144. We will be back with more detailed summary and match Results next week.

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