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Live Result : Monday Night RAW Episode 1146 (11th May 2015)

by John Bhatt

Once again, we are back with the Live Result of WWE Monday Night RAW Episode 1146 aired on 11th May 2015 live from US Bank Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio.

RAW Episode 1146

RAW Episode 1146 Summary

Show Kickoff

Match 1

Match 2

Match 3

Match 4

Match 5

Match 6

Match 7

Match 8

Match 9

08:16 AM

Match 9: Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins

Most of the match is dominated by Seth Rollins but twelve times WWE World Champion  Randy Orton is not easy to beat. While Seth Rollins is mocking at Randy Orton, he regrouped and delivered a DDT to Seth Rollins, while he is about to pin and get count, J&J Security interfered and attached Randy Orton to dismiss match.

Now Kane is at ringside and both other participant are at ringside. All attacked J&J Security and Seth Rollins to clean the ring while Kane is standing near announce table with steel chair.

Now the final chapter, all three delivered their finishing moves to Seth Rollins, Now Roman Reign speared Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose deliver a dirty deed to Roman Reigns to finish the main event.

Winner: Match Dismissed after the interference of J&J Security.

08:05 AM

Bray Wytt with his lantern leading towards ring. While he is describing his actions why he attacked The Big Guy and his creepy lecturers, the Big Guy Ryback is here. Bray Wytt attacked Ryback, Ryback rise and deliver a Spinebuster and a close line to throw Bray Wytt out of ring.

08:03 AM

Prime Time players are here to mimic New Age Outlaws.


07:52 AM
Match 8: Big E vs  Cejaro

Winner: Cejaro

Some cheating done from both the sides but Match won by Cejaro with a uppercut to Big E.

07:30 AM

Daniel Bryan is now heading towards ring.

Danial is here to address the WWE Universe. Reminds the incident taken place last year by the Authority. He quoted the doctors “They’ve told me you would possibly not able to wrestle again”. Daniel Bryan official surrenders his Championship due to his bad health. He added “The championship suites with a fighting champion like Ziggler, Ambrose or barrett not in a physically unfit person nearby physicians chair” and left the title  in middle of ring. All WWE Universe is emotional and chanting Yes Yes with him.



07:17 AM
Match 7: Curtis Axle vs Damien Shandow (Macho Mandow)

While match continue between both of them, once again the Ascension are here to attach but Damien Sandow beat them both and encouraged Curtis Axle to join him. Now Macho Mandow and Axlemania are in same page.

Winner: Match dismissed after the interference of Ascension’s.

07:09 AM
Match 6: Brie Bella vs Tamina

Brie Bella is accompanied by her sister Divas Champion Nikki Bella and Tamina Snuka is accompanied by Naomi.

Winner: Tamina

Both Tamina and Naomi are enjoying the victory.
06:55 AM
Match 5: Roman Reigns vs Kane

Kane started to attack Roman while he is crossing barricades even before he reach inside ring. Roman Reign started fight back and few right hand on face of Kane. Now Kane cleaned the announce table to choke slam Reigns but one connected Superman Punch and one spear to take Kane down. Kane down and standing man is Reigns on the announce table.

Match dismissed before it started.

06: 32 AM
Match 4: John Cena vs Neville for John Cena US Open Challenge

Result: Match dismissed after Neville and John Cena attacked by Rusev. Rusev came from nowhere and attacked Neville while he is about to get victory, Rusev attacked from behind and throw Neville out of ring then accolade to John Cena make him unconscious.


06:25 AM

John Cena: I was strongly advised to cancel the John Cena Open Challenge because Rusev has told to confront me on this RAW. But this is democracy.

06:18 AM
Match 3: Eric Rowan Vs Fandango

Winner: Erick Rowan

Erick Rowan was followed by Luke Harper but just one closeline by Rowan and Fandango is down for 1,2,3. Official timekeeper’s match duration between bells is 37 second for the match.

06:01 AM
Match 2: Dolph Ziggler vs Bad News Barrett

Before match start, here is Sheamus joining commentary team. And as recently announced, at WWE Payback Ziggler will face Sheamus and Barrett will face Naville on their individual matches.

Winner: Bad News Barrett

Sheamus was approaching ring, and distracted Ziggler and then A Bull Hammer shot from Barrett. Now Sheamus has arrived in ring and assaulting injured Ziggler.

05:50 AM
Match 1 : Dean Ambrose Vs J&J Security.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Summary: Match was mostly dominated by Dean as J&J are not more active in ring. A double close-line from rope to finish the match.


05:32 AM
Triple H is back on RAW after long vacation and he is here to Kick off the show.

HHH: When I say “Daddy’s Home” to my children, they start behave well, I think I need to say the same to Kane and Seth Rollins.

He invited Director Of Operation Kane and Seth Rollins to clear the controversy between them, Seth has arrived with J&J Security. WWE Universe start chanting You Suck for Seth Rollins.

Seth to HHH : I don’t thin Kane is anymore fit the that position. He is not more that Kane what he used to be.

HHH to Kane: If Seth Rollins does not walk as Champion out of Payback we need to think in your service as Director of Operations.

While tempers are too high between All the members of Authority, HHH decided 3 match for today, Kane Vs Roman Reigns, Seth Vs Randy on Main Event and Ambrose Vs J&J Security.


That’s it from the WWE Monday Night Episode 1146. Thanks for being with us. Do not forget to provide feedback.

Till then get results of our previous episodes.

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Stay tuned.

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