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Live Result : Monday Night RAW Episode 1147 (18th May 2015)

by John Bhatt
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Once again, we are back with the Live Result of WWE Monday Night RAW Episode 1147 aired on 18th May 2015 live from Richmond Coliseum, Virginia, USA.

RAW Episode 1147We will be back when Match will be live on 18th May 2015 7:00 p.m. EDT (as per Indian Time 19th May 2015 05:30 AM). We are live now, Monday Night RAW Episode 1147 has started. Stay tuned.

We expect below matches in this episode. Divas Championship, Tag Team Championship and of course John Cena Open US Challenge.
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07:45 AM

Match 6: Stardust vs Dolph Ziggler

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

OMG, Dolph Ziggler is the sixth men to enter Elimination Chamber. Now Lana is here coming to ringside. Now her ayes are fixed in Ziggler and OMG, she kissed him in-front of WWE Universe. Here is new chapter of Ziggler and Lana.

This was really awesome. Oh my god, Rusev is mad.

07:25 AM

Match 5: John Cena vs Kevin Owens for United States Championship

Once again, John Cena is back with John Cena US Open Challenge, lets who comes ahead and grabs the opportunity.

Winner: Match Cancelled after the Kevin Owens attacked and Powerbombed John Cena.



We expected another great match with NXT champion and US champion but as KO insulted WWE Universe, John Cena corrected him and KO delivers a cheap shot to champion.

07:06 AM

Match 4: Tyson Kidd & Cejaro Vs Kofi Kingston & Big E (New Day) for Tag Team Championship

After the interruption of Xavier Woods in last match, he is banned from ringside. Big E is talking about injustice done with them, the are fighting a rematch after just one night and after few days after in Elimination Chamber they have to defend their titles against 5 tag teams.

Winner: Kidd & Cejaro by Disqualification but still tag team champion are the New Days.

After the New Day continue to attack Kidd after referee’s counting, they are disqualified. They are even attacking Kidd & Cejaro, Xavier Woods has joined them, Now the fun begins here, all the tag teams who will fight are here. Prime Time Player, Lucha Dragons, Los Matadores, The Ascensions.

06:38 AM

Match 3: Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Seth Rollins send J&J Security managed to make Ambrose Loose tonight. When Dean Ambrose is on top rope of ring, J&J Security distracted him and pushed from behind, which allow Bray Wyatt a situation to deliver Sister Abigail to win.

06:28 AM

Rusev is making his way to Ring.

While WWE Univrse chanting for Lana, Rusev cleared that there will be No Lana tonight. And I don’t need Lana to say something, I can speak stupid English and I never said I Quit last night. I crushed John Cena and let John Cena come down right now and this match restart right now.

OMG, Lana is here. She seems rebellion comrade. Lana clarified, she cares for Rusev and and Rusev was screaming and saying I Quit in Russian. See did all this to protect him. However, Rusev said that There was no us and there was always me, he need no one. Get out of this ring.

06:13 AM

Match 2: Neville vs Bad News Barrett

Winner: Bad News Barrett

Bo Dalas attacks Neville after his loss with Bad News Barrett.

06:09 AM

Neville is the middle of Ring. Renee Young is with him talking about the last match with Wade Barrett and Barrett has asked and get his rematch tonight. While he is talking, Bo Dalas has interrupted and attacked Neville. Now Bad News Barrett is here.

06:00 AM

While The Authority is celebrating backstage, Dean Ambrose was surprisingly present there, as per Ambrose, He beat him last week to participate in fatal four way match, he beat him last night but not in a single. So Ambrose decided to give a Championship Rematch to Seth Rollins in Elimination Chamber. However, Seth Rollins denied the rematch for now. Triple H and Stephanie went from there and said Kane to handle, while Kane has champagne class in his hand, Dean Ambrose took that and drink that also suggested Kane to not to drink during clock hours. Kane decided a match with Bray Wytt.

05:48 AM

Match 1: Sheamus vs Ryback

Winner: Sheamus

Sheamus is pretending to be injured while official stopped Ryback to hitting, but a cheap shot from Sheamus to make Big Guy down.

05:31 AM

Kickoff: Stephanie and Triple H are here after Wrestlemania.

While The Authority is talking about Intercontinental Championship title in Elimination Chamber to be conducted within two weeks, Sheamus came out and asked to give title him because Sheamus ended Danial Bryan’s career. While Sheamus is talking more and showing video clips of how he ended, The Big Guy Ryback is here to interrupts. While Stephanie interrupted and created a match between both the superstar.

Till then you can check results for previous episodes of Monday Night RAW.


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