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Live Result : Monday Night RAW Episode 1149 (01 June 2015)

by John Bhatt

Once again, we are back with the Live Result of WWE Monday Night RAW Episode 1149 aired on 1st June 2015 live from AT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas.

RAW Episode 1149

Be online during match hours which are 8 p.m. ET (05:30 AM 02nd June 2015 Tuesday). This episode will be clear the controversial Win of Dean Ambrose over World Heavyweigh Title and we expect John Cena to address the WWE universe about his match.

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Kickoff : The Authority & Roman Reigns about WWE Title controversy
Match 1 : Roman Reigns defeated Bad News Barrett
Match 2 : Ryback vs The Miz (cancelled after Big Show knocked out Miz)
Match 3 : Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston
Match 4 : Dolph & Primetime Player defeated The New Day
Match 5 : Roman Reigns defeated Mark Henry
Match 6 : Nikki Bella defeated Paige for Divas Championship
Match 7 : Randy Orton defeated Sheamus (By Disqualification)
Match 8 : Neville defeated Bo Dallas
Match 9 : Roman Reign defeated Bray Wyatt


08:18 AM

Match 9: Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

This is third match for Roman Reigns tonight. If Roman loose, Bray will replace him at Money In the Bank ladder match. The Authority is in mood to protect Roman getting at MITB. The Authority members are approaching the ringside.

Winner: Roman Reigns

As authority decided to interfere on match and surrounded all four corners by Kane, Seth, Jimmy and Joe and cause distraction to Roman Reign, Roman tricked Bray and Bray hit Kane, Roman delivered a spear to Bray and secured his place in Money In the Bank which will be after two weeks. Now when Authority is about to beat Roman, Dean Ambrose is live on RAW and cleared the mess in singside. Delivered a dirty deed to Seth Rollins while Stephanie was asking Dean to return the title.

08:07 AM

Match 8: Bo Dallas vs Neville

Winner: Neville

While Bo Dallas seems in aggressive mood but it is not hard to secure a win for Neville. Neville connected a Red Arrow and secured his victory.

08:00 AM

Byron Saxton is manages to talk with Rusev. Rusev, “I am the one crushed this time”.

07:43 AM

Match 7: Randy Orton vs Sheamus

Winner: Randy Orton by disqualification

While Randy is about to deliver his finisher RKO, Sheamus manages to save himself and match continues. Sheamus used steel chair at timekeepers area and referee disqualified him. Even after disqualification, he continues attacking Randy Orton untill  WWE officials involved.

07:29 AM

Match 6: Nikki Bella vs Paige for Divas Championship

Winner: Nikki Bella

While a tough match is going on between Paige & Nikki, Paige manages to throw Nikki Bella out of ring but Brie Bella was hiding below the ring and dressed exactly like Nikki. She came out, sends Nikki below ring and pinned Paige to secure Divas champion of her sister Nikki.

What happened, watch here.

07:20 AM

Now once again for the night, Triple H set a new match for Roman Reigns and it is against Bray Wytt.

Next is Divas Championship match.

07:09 AM

Match 5: Roman Reigns vs Mark Henry

Winner: Roman Reigns by count down.

After a superman punch to Mark Henry both man are outside ring, Referee begin counting. Roman manages to get inside ring before 10 count while Henry does not.

After the winner is annonuced, a powerslam from the World’s Strongest Man to Roman Reigns.


06:57 AM

Match 4: Primtime Players & Dolph Ziggler vs The New Day

Winner: Ziggler & Primetime Players

Titus O’Niel dominiated all the New Day and while The New Day members are interfering, Dolph connect a super-kick to Xavier Woods and Titus pinned Kofi Kingston to secure their win.

06:48 AM

Match 3: Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler

Kofi is with The New Day, at ringside after successful defeat of their Tag Team Champion at Elimination Chamber. Dolph has company too. He’s got Lana.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

While Kofi was not able to give a tough match, Ziggler simply connects his moves and got able to pin Kofi. Now the New Day is beating Ziggler while first attacked by Big E. Primetime Players are at ringside to save Ziggler and to clean the ring while they have next match with the New Day.

06:28 AM

Kevin Owens is her to address WWE Universe after his first Win on RAW against John Cena.

While Kevin Ownes is taking about John Cena’s blind fan following. Kevin Owens is describing his feeling about WWE Marketing strategy and those corporate slogans and WWE portraying John Cena as Super Hero.

Now John Cena is here. He cleared all the things Kevin said and got WWE universe on his behalf.

06:19 AM

Match 2: Ryback vs The Miz for Intercontinental Championship

The Big Show is making his way to ringside while match is about to start. Big Show delivered a KO punch to Miz and said if Big Guy will face anyone for title, it will be Big Show first.

Winner: Match dismissed.

06:10 AM:

At backstage, Triple H congratulated Roman Reigns on his victory and said you will qualify for MITB if he can defeat Mark Henry which match is after some time in this episode.

While Byron Saxton manages to have minutes with WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella, Paige interrupted. Nikki Bella didn’t like that and said you wan rematch, you get, and that match is not next week or not at MITB, its tonight.

Now the Big Guy Ryback is at ring and feeling emotional and thanked WWE universe on behalf of their new Intercontinental Champion which he won last night at Elimination Chamber.

05:48 AM

Match 1: Roman Reigns vs King Bad News Barrett

06:03 AM

Winner: Roman Reigns

Match was quite good. Wade Barrett tried his hard to get Roman, finally he scratched eyes of Roman near rope and tried a Bull Hammer but quickly Roman realized and deliver a Spear to King Barrett to secure his place in MITB Match.

05:32 AM


Entire authority is heading ringside to clear the controversy on last days match.

Stephanie is asking about what to be done with Ambrose, should they fine him, should they suspend him or just get rid of him, Triple said we need to give him a chance, “Dean might be crazy but not stupid.” and said Ambrose to come out and return the championship to real champion.

Roman Reigns asked a rematch at MITB and that match will be a ladder match do stop any confusion. While Triple H is asking Ambrose come out immediately, here is Roman Reigns. While Stephanie and Triple H are in mood to not to allow a rematch and fine Ambrose, Seth Rollins gets frustrated by insult done by WWE Universe by comparing him with Justin Bieber and while You lost to him (ambrose) chants takes on all. Roman added a line and said “You may be the worst World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history.”


While the situation gets tensed with Roman Reigns, Triple H stopped Stephanie and said to Reigns, if he loose todays match, he will loose the opertunity to participate in Money In The Bank ladder match. Triple H instructed to stay Roman to remain at ring because he will decide his opponent that match will be now.

05:30 AM

Monday Night RAW Episode 1149 is started with the preview of Elimination Chamber match for World Heavyweight Championship.

That’s it from Monday Night RAW Episode 1149 on 01/06/2015 live from Texas. We will be back with new fresh episode next week.

Till then you can visit our previous weeks result for WWE Monday Night RAW Episodes.

 Thanks for being live with us during match.
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