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Live Result : Monday Night RAW Episode 1150 (08 June 2015)

by John Bhatt
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Once again, we are back with the Live Result of WWE Monday Night RAW Episode 1150 aired on 8th June 2015 live from Smoothie King Center, New Orleans, Los Angeles.

RAW Episode 1150

John Cena, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins @WWE

Be online during match hours which are 8 p.m. ET (05:30 AM 09th June 2015 Tuesday). We can expect to see most of matches related to Money In The Bank Pay-per-view and John Cena US Championship Open Challenge also.

Quick Links
Match 1: Kevin Owens retains his NXT Championship  against Neville
Match 2: Nikki Bella defeats Summer Rae
Match 3: Sheamus on by Disqualification over Randy Orton
Match 4: Kane defeated Dolph Ziggler
Match 5: Luke Harper & Erick Rowan defeated Los Matadores
Match 6: Big E defeated Titus O’Neil
Match 7: Roman Reigns defeated Kofi Kingston
Match 8: J&J Security defeated Seth Rollins in 2-in-1 handicapped match
08:25 AM
Match 8: Seth Rollins vs J&J Security

But as Kane said, here is problem for Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns are already at ringside.

Now Kane is also at ringside with J&J Security.

Winner: J&J Security

Dean Ambrose caused distraction, he throw World Heavyweight Championship Belt inside the ring and when Rollins is about to collect that, Jimmy managed to tag Joe and secured a win for J&J Security against the World heavyweight championship.

08:10 AM
Match 7: Roman Reigns vs Kofi Kingston

Most of time, New Day members are see causing distraction to Roman Reigns.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Kofi Kingston is flying from top rope while Roman Reigns is able to connect Superman punch to Kofi costing loss to Kofi.

Now Dean Ambrose is approaching at the ringside as he said on Instagram.

07:56 AM
Match 6: Big E vs Titus O’Neil

Winner: Big E

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods caused distraction to Tutus O’Niel. While celeberation is ongoing, Roman Reigns is at ringside.

07:45 AM
Match 5: Los Matadores vs Erick Rowan & Luke Harper

Winner: Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

This is a quick match for two big mans.


After the match, they gave a message saying “You will pay for your sins”.

07:29 AM

Miz is inside the Ring and its time for MizTV. Ryback is guest of Miz. Miz says how Ryback dares to come without the host called him to come. I am a champion. Ryback reminds about the accomplishments of Miz and mocked at him giving example of Damian Sandow.

Now Miz is suggesting Ryback to be furious against Big Show, Big Show is here. Situation gets tensed, Miz attacked Big Show, Big Show knocked out the Miz and hit the Ryback. Ryback gets the Big Show.

07:28 AM

Medical officer is checking Lana accompanied by Dolph Ziggler. While Miz TV is started.

07:10 AM
Match 4: Kane vs Dolph Ziggler

Winner: Kane

Lana is near entrance screen and Rusev came from behind and pushed her causing ankle injury to Lana. Dolph Giggler gets distracted by the situation and a choke-slam secured win for Kane.


07:01 AM

Seth Rollins is checking phone, while J&J Security came and tried to convince him. But he denied. They J&J are fired up and insulted the Champion saying that he would have nothing without J&J Security and Authority’s backup. Seth Rollins says, Authority has given him power to pick his opponent for tonight and he choose J&J security and win a 2 in 1 handicapped match and prove how great he is.

While J&J said, they will kick his ass tonight.

06:45 AM
Match 3: Randy Orton vs Sheamus

Winner: Sheamus by Disqualification.

Randy was insulted and attacked last week, the same is about to repeat tonight. Sheamus tries to hit with steel chair but Randy move himself aside and throw the chair to Sheamus leading disqualification.

After that Randy did all that happened and not happened to him last week.

06:31 AM

Roman Reigns is here.

He says, since Wrestle Mania, he hates the MITB contract and specially when it is handed to Jackass like Seth Rollins. He says he will win the MITB contract and  cash it next day with the winner of WWE World Heavyweight Championship which is held on same day and the winner and his opponent will be Dean Ambrose. Now the final participant in Money In The Bank, Mr Director of Operation Kane is heading towards to ring.

Now Dolph Ziggler is here and claiming his win over MITB bag.


Now R-Truth is here talking about the MITB. While Kane says, what are you doing here while you are even not in match. R-Truth asks is he not in MITB match? Kane says no. R-Truth went back to backstage to check.

Now New Day is here. Kofi says he will win the contract and they all will be Mr. Money in the Bank. While Kane tried to talk again, Sheamus entered. He said, he is going to win the title.

Now Randy Orton is here as he is also the participant of Money In the Bank. Next is Sheamus vs Randy Orton.

06:17 AM
Match 2: Nikki Bella vs Summer Rae

Winner: Nikki Bella

Nikki is here willing to finish the match at quickest possible time. Now she just finished while Paige is watching her in her locker room TV.

06:15 AM

Now Nikki Bella is with Renee Young are backstage. She talks about her match with Summer Rae tonight and a another title match against Paige at Money In The Bank.

06:12 AM

While Triple H and Stephanie and laughing while checking their phones, Seth Rollins make and asked what they are going to do about Dean Ambrose, how they are going to help him to get his title back. But Triple H denied to help as Seth said last week, he didn’t need anybody’s help.

05:42 AM
Match 1: Kevin Owens vs Neville for NXT Championship

Neville tries to connect Red Arrow but failed 3 times, finally a pop-up powerbomb by Kevin Owens and he retains his title.


05:30 AM
Kickoff : John Cena is here to Kickoff the show and he is talking about the Money In the Bank and his rematch between Kevin Owens and John Cena. While John Cena is talking about his match and he is standard bearer of WWE, the face who runs this company, Kevin Owens is here. Kevin says John Cena is completely illusion. Kevin Owens says instead of running the crap US Open Challenge, he wants to issue a NXT Champion Open Challenge. John Cena says I accept your challenge but Kevin Owens denied to make him opponent saying that they are going to fight in one week.

Now Open Challenge issued by John Cena and Kevin Owens says, the Superstar who comes have to choose Championship what he will fight for.

Neville accepted the challenge and says, he have fight with John Cena and he would live to fight but some day again.

Today, he will teach a lesson to Kevin Owens who have been dis-respecting NXT Title and Superstars since he won the championship.

That is it from Monday Night RAW Episode 1150 (08/06/2015) live in India on 09/06/2015).

Till than, you can stay with us reading earlier results of WWE Monday Night RAW or other technical articles we have written.

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