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Live Result: Monday Night RAW Episode 1151 (15 June 2015) – Detailed result & live excitement

by John Bhatt
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Once again, we are back with the Live Result of WWE Monday Night RAW Episode 1151 aired on 8th June 2015 live from Quicken Loans Arena, One Center Court, Cleveland, Ohio.

RAW Episode 1151

After the dramatic Money In The Bank event, Sheamus has won the Money In The Bank contract, Seth Rollins retained his title, The Prime Time Players has captured over Tag Team Championship, Nikki Bella remains Divas champion, Ryback remains IC champion and Most important and awaited match, John Cena defeated Kevin Owens.

We expect to see some preview match of last night, while winners might address the WWE universe and of course some action-packed matches.

Stay on this page with us to get the live results with our expert’s comments and match description along with Images and best tweets.

Match is be live on 15th June 2015 8:00 pm ET (as per Indian Time Zone 16th June 2015 05:30 AM) live on Ten Sports.

Quick Links for Monday Night RAW Episode 1151

Match 1: Dean Ambrose defeated Sheamus
Match 2: R-Truth defeated Bad News Barrett
Match 3: Kevin Owens defeated Dolph Ziggler
Match 4: Kane defeated Randy Orton
Match 5: Miz defeated Big Show (by Countdown)
Match 6: Bella Twins defeated Paige
Match 7: Neville & Prime Time Player defeated The New Day

08:28 AM

Now Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are at ringside to announce the next opponent for WWE World Heavyweight Title.

08:20 AM

Dean Ambrose is throwing pins on the picture of Seth Rollins. Now Kane is here. Dean said he will not stop until he gets the champion while slipped from his hands last night.

While Seth Rollins joined the Authority and telling that whoever the Authority choose to be his opponent, he will defeat him and make them proud.

Oh My God, as rumored Brock Lesnar is back. Paul Heyman and Brock came to ringside, none of both spoke a single word but the fear can be seen clearly in the face of Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins manages to escape from ring and Brock Lesnar is still at ringside.

08:06 AM
Match 7: Prime Time players & Neville vs The New Day (6 men Tag team match)

Winner: The Prime Time Player & Neville

Neville manages to connect a Red Arrow to injured Kofi Kingston and secured win for the Tag Team Champion Titus O’Neil & Darren Young.

07:52 AM

Next is Machine Gun Kelly live performing on RAW.

When the song is over and MGK is returning to back, Kevin Owen stopped him near screen. MGK tried to shake hands but Kevin said something disrespectful to MGK, MGK said Looser and pushed Kevin to go backstage, Kevin attacked the guest star and power bombed.

07:41 AM
Match 6: Bella Twins vs Paige (Handicap Match)

Winner: Bella Twins

This is no a long match while on the first few minutes Paige dominated Brie Bella and tried to pin for win but Nikki saved the match. Later the Divas Champion secured win for the Brie and Nikki Bella.

07:30 AM

Roman Reigns is here to address the WWE Universe as actions of Bray Wyatt. Bray denied for that match through a video message.

07:19 AM
Match 5: Big Show vs Miz

Winner: Miz (by countdown)

Big Show throw Miz outside from Top rope, he followed him and to show Ryback he started hit Miz at announce table, while referee is counting to bring back into ring. Big Show throw Miz into Ryback, Ryback get up and started to argue with Big Show, Miz managed to slip into ring before 10 count.

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