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Live Result : Monday Night RAW Episode 1192 (28 March 2016)



Once again, we are back with the Live Result of WWE Monday Night RAW Episode 1192 aired on 28th March 2016 live from BARCLAYS Center, Brooklyn, NY, United States with 15615 live audience.

Match is be live on 29th June 2015 8:00 pm ET (as per Indian Time Zone 29th March 2016 05:30 AM) live on Ten Sports. This is the last RAW Before WrestleMania 32. We expect to see Undertaker, Shane McMahon, Vince McMahon, Triple H, Roman Reigns, and other top stars here.

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Kickoff: Undertaker followed by Shane McMahon.
Match 1: Zack Ryder vs Chris Jericho
Match 2: Charlotte vs Becky Lynch

05:30 AM

Monday Night RAW is started by Undertaker. He was saying something about the Vince and Shane McMahon and Shane McMahon appeared. The argument turned Shane Angry and he attacked Undertaker. But immediately Undertaker responded and he started attacking Shane. Undertaker cleared the announcetable and is about to powerbomb Shane on Table, but Shane escaped from the Undertake and throw him on table with the help of a low blog. Then Shane find a commentator television and attacked Undertaker with that TV. After that we saw a preview of that awesome move, Shane went to Top Rope and jumped to announce table from top rope.

05:55 AM

Match 1: Zack Ryder vs Chris Jerico

While Zack Ryder was with Renee Young at backstage interview, Jericho came and said, asa AJ Styles wants a Wrestlemania match, Jericho will skip this Wrestlemania. and told Zack that he will shut him on match. As match is about to start, A J Styles make is entrance and said he wants his match and stayed during the match nearby commentators broken table. As the match was on heat, A J Styles started chanting Y2Jackass and distract Jericho.

The distraction caused by Styles cost the Jericho the match and Zack Ryder managed to pin the Chris Jericho.

Jericho was angry and shouting on Styles for the loose and said many other things. But we’ve got the awesome Wrestlemania match .

06:07 AM

Match 2: Divas Champion Charlotte vs Becky Lynch

Rick Flair was with Charlotte and Sasha Banks was on Commentary table. Not so much interesting, soon after few trials from both divas, Becky managed to pin the champion. These all three Divas will compete on a Tripe Threat match at Wrestlemania for Divas Championship.

06:15 PM

At backstage, Renee Young caught Vince McMahon about the confrontation of Undertaker and Shane McMahon. Soon Shane McMahon came and told Vince that, he will have the control of Monday Night RAW after he beat Undertaker.

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Soon, heating the argument, Shane told his father Vince McMahon that, you stole this company from your father, I will stole from you.

Now its time for next match after break.

06:23 AM

Match 3: Kane & Big Show vs Social Outcast

As soon as the match started, referee dismissed the match as all 6 men are in the ring. At Wrestlemania, Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal contestant were present in the ring and all are fighting each other. This is just preview what can happen. Finally Big Show and Kane were only two men standing in the Ring clearing all other contestant.

06:32 AM

Triple H and Stephanie are here in the ring. Stephanie is telling people to bow down to her husband. Soon Roman Reign entered the ring, Triple H tried to attack but Roman throw him out of the ring and cleared.

Triple H manage to escape from the ring without much beat.

06:52 AM

Match 4: Kofi Kingston (with New Day) vs Alberto Del Rio (with League of Nations)

Kofi Kingston has defeated the Alberto Del Rio as Del Rio missed his move to hit.

As we have heard earlier, there is 4 on 3 handicapped match for Tag Team Titles at Wrestlemania between New Day and League of Nations.

The coach is here and he told New Day that he is proud of them and shakes booty with new day.

07:10 AM

Triple H and Roman Reign promo of earlier incident of Monday Night RAW Episode 1192 was being displayed on screen and soon

Sorry fro the interruption. We will update this page later.

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