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Live Result : Monday Night RAW Episode 1212 (15 August 2016)

by John Bhatt

Welcome to Live Discussion & Result of WWE Monday Night RAW Episode 1212 (15th August 2016).WWE_Raw_2016_logo

Sorry, we missed some segments. Here we are starting with second match, approx 40 minute segment has been lost due to some cable issues.

Match 2: New Day defeated Dudley Boys
Match 3: Nia Jax defeated Rachel
Match 4: Big Cass defeated Kevin Owens via Disqualification

06:18 AM

Match 2: New Day Vs Dudly Boys

In this match where Big E is not absent due to attack by Anderson and Gallows, Kofi Kingston and Xavior Woods defeated Devon Duddly and Baba Ray Dudly.

06:25 AM

Match 3: Nia Jax vs Rachel

This match lasted less than 1 minute and Nia Jax defeated Rachel.

06:29 AM

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are live now.
A short promo of last two weeks RAW and Smackdown Live was shown for how Randy RKOed Brock Lesnar on RAW two weeks back and how Brock F5ed Randy Orton on Smackdown Live.
While Paul Heyman is at Ladies & Gentleman, here is Heath Slater disturbing them.

Here Heath clears why he is here. He has to defeat Brock Lesnar one on one match tonight to get RAW contract. Paul says, get him out of picture and focus on us. While Heath is in mood. He is at ringside.
Brock clarifies he has nothing to do with Heath’s kids and suggest him to leave. While all this lead to two German Suplex and one F5 to clear the ring. Now again mic is with Paul Heyman and he is talking about Randy Orton for upcoming match at SummerSlam.

Message has been delivered and now leaving the ring without further destruction.

06:50 AM

Match 4: Big Cass with Anzo Amore vs Kevin Owens with Chris Jericho
Now on Monday Night RAW Episode 1212, its time for Certified G and Big Cass.

Winner, Big Cass by disqualification however not announced.

Jericho hit cheap shots twice during the match and when he attacked Anzo Amore and started fight with Big Cass while he was dominating to Kevin Owens. Referee called off the match and after than Kevin Owen and Chris Jericho attacked Big Cass and tried to destroy him.

07:06 AM

Just after Big Cass and Kevin Owen match, at Backstage Tom Phillip started asking questions to Roman Reign about his match coming Summer Slam. While Rusev attacked Roman to take revenge of past week RAW. This lead involvement of officials and security to separate them on Monday Night RAW Episode 1212.

07:11 AM

Match 5: Shining Stars vs Prime Time Players with Bob Backland.
Prime-time Player are back re-united. Titus O’niel and Darren Young are united again and they are ready as tag team match.
During match, Accidentally Darren Young hit Titus O’Niel and when Darren is back on match, Titus came and deliver power-bomb to Darren and left to pick Shining Stars win.

Winner: Shining Stars

07:21 AM

Match 6: Jinder Mahal vs Neville

A good match ended with a Red Arrow. Neville defeated Jinder Mahal.

07:25 AM

At backstage segment with Stephanie and Mick Folly, Mick is telling Stephanie that, Joan Stuart will be guest on Summer Slam. Again Seth Rollins is here for searching for Demon King. While Mick suggested him to ask and call him from ring instead of searching from background. While Seth is hesitating to go to ring, Mick Folly asked technicians to hit music of Seth Rollins. Stephanie couldn’t stop laughing.

07:27 AM

Seth Rollins is now in the Ring.
Seth Rollins said he is feeling insulted since last week and there is nothing which can stop him from being first ever WWE Universal Championship. He asked Demon King to come and face Seth Rollins. Demon King is just another chapter in Seth Rollins book and he can’t come to ring and watch in his eyes.
Wait, here is some disturbance in ring. Somebody thrown someone in Ring and Seth is laughing, are you Demon King.
Here is Finn Balor in his demon look with body and face paint. Here is Demon King.

Seth Rollins try to attack Finn Balor while the Demon King dominated here and ended the segment.

07:42 AM

In this between, we have a quick promo of upcoming match of Rusev and Roman Reigns.

07:45 AM

Match 7: Anderson and Gallows vs Golden Truth

Winners, Gallows and Anderson.
Soon, kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods came and attacked Anderson and Gallows. While both are about to take revenge by attacking Karl Anderson at the same place which samples are The Club doctors carrying. Gallows pulled him out of ring and saved.

07:58 AM

Match 8: Alicia Fox vs Charlotte
Sasha Banks is at commentary while Alicia and Charlotte are on the ring.

Charlotte defeated Alicia fox.

Charlotte provoked WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks to come to ring and Dana attacked Sasha from no where.

08:08 AM

Just before match of Roman Reigns and Rusev, promo of Broun Strawman is on screen, and now here is Lana to introduce her Super athlete husband Rusev.

08:10 AM

Match 9: Rusev vs Roman Reigns

In first section before commercial, Roman dominated Rusev and soon Rusev attacked Roman in his left shoulder which is injured. After coming from ad brake, we saw Rusev targetting Romain Reigns shoulder and continue to attack on them.
Ine second section, Rusev dominated and started hitting Roman in steel post, steel chair and barricades. Until we go on second ad, Rusev has been dominant and Lana is enjoying all this at ringside.
We are back after ad brake. Rusev started with mic and now back on ring. Still Rusev is dominating Roman. Neck lock is applied and Roman is fading. Wait, Roman just powered up.
Rusev takes Roman at top rope and tried to throw from top while Roman countered and deliver a flying punch. Superman punch is loaded but Rusev countered and deliver a spin kick. Not enough to get three count. Rusev deliver three headbut in Roman Reign and still Roman kicked off in 2 and half count. Here comes the fourth one. No this time again Roman Kicked off and not allowed to pin. Here is the preparation of firth one. Roman rolled on the follow and Rusev stunned in the floor with his own move. Now both man on their feet and exchanging punches.

Roman throw Rusev outside the ring and tried to deliver a Superman punch while Rusev countered. Then Rusev pulled Roman inside ring and Roman deliver a Superman punch, Rusev Kicked off. Roman is about to deliver a spear to finish while Rusev countered and kicked in his head. But Roman not allowed to pin. Now its time for Rusev’s finisher accolade. Accolade applied.

Wow, this is just wow, Roman reached the bottom rope and Rusev is forced to break the accolade. Now a running spear by Roman Reigns just allowed him to grab the victory.

Winner: Roman Reigns

That’s it from this Monday Night RAW Episode 1212 from Corpus Christi. Thanks for staying with us. Join discussion on Twitter with #RAWonPRsBlog. Selected tweets will be published here.

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