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Live Results: WWE Smackdown Live Episode 889 (30 August 2016)

by John Bhatt
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Welcome to Live result and discussion page for WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown Live Episode 889 aired on 30th August 2016. In India, the broadcast time is 31st August 2016, 05:30 AM to 7:30 AM.

Be with us during live broadcast timing to read our exclusive comments and you can read result with detailed story line anytime. We will be back once broadcast starts, till then if you like you could read results and story of previous week Smackdown Live Episode 888. We have also live coverage of Monday Night RAW Live broadcast for many episodes check them in our WWE category by navigating to WWE from top menu.

What is expected?

Last week, on Speaking Smackdown, Miz verbally assaulted and attacked Smackdown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan and we expect Daniel to address the Intercontinental champion Miz.

05:30 AM

Welcome, Smackdown Live Episode 889 started with the repeat of Talking Smack. Then we saw the backstage footage where Smackdown Live General Manager and Commissioner both are discussing and Shane agrees on fact that Miz need to apologize to Daniel for using those words.

05:36 AM

Here comes Miz, followed by his wife Maryse. He is talking about that why he should not apologize. Soon he started to go against fans and everyone telling he is a movie star and want to save his face. What is wrong in this? Soon Dolph Ziggler entered the ring and suggested him to prove the world that Miz is not soft and coward. Dolph said, he has chance to beat some one every week and prove the world that he is not coward. Dolph challenged Miz for fight right now and prove to everyone, the WWE Universe, Roaster, Daniel Bryan and to his wife. Miz mocked like he is going to fight and at final moment he walked out of ring. WWE universe keep chanting Coward… Coward… for Miz.

We also hear for the coming events, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose will fight Baron Corbin and Bray Wyatt will address for Randy Orton. Coming is Vaude Villains vs Hype Bros.

05:48 AM

Match 1: Hype Bros vs Vaudevillians (Tag Team Tournament Quarter-final)

It was quick but good match. Vaudevillians tried to dominate with their villainy in first few minutes but the soon Zack Ryder manages to tag Mojo Rowley and the big one in these all four dominated them all and the final Hype Ride was from Zack Ryder to pick win for Hype Bros and advance in tournament.

Winner: Hype Bros (Zack Ryder & Mozo Rowley)

Backstage, here comes AJ Styles, he is reminding that I am the face who runs this place to security and other official where he countered with Apollo Crews.

05:59 AM

Here comes AJ Styles. Ring announcer say, Welcome AJ Styles who is like now to be called, the face this runs the place. He is talking about his summer slam match against John Cena. How he beat him? Also, he has to say something about his opponent at WWE Backlash. And that opponent is Dean Ambrose.

Soon Apollo Crews came and says that he has match right now with AJ Styles.

06:03 AM

Match 2: Apollo Crews vs A J Styles

Match started immediately and Apollo Crews dominated until Smackdown Live went for ad brake. Match will resume.

Highly athletic Apollo Crews is dominating AJ Style here. AJ Style is at top rope and Apollo is about to carry him in shoulder and deliver a back drop while AJ Style countered. Apollo Crews turned AJ Style’s top rope jump to a fine executed summon drop. But never counted more than two. AJ Style countered and now a phenomenal fore-arm to Apollo Crews to get three count.

Winner: AJ Styles

After ad brake, we saw a section where Renee Young reached to home of Heath Slater. There we meet Rhyno and his contract story of not drafted in RAW or Smackdown either being the last man, what is next plan? What if Heath and Rhyno became first Smackdown Live Tag Team Champion. Also lots of talk related to his family and kids. We saw beautiful wife of Heath and Rhyno didn’t talked any single word there. Later tonight they have their quarter final match. With the interview section, Smackdown Live Episode 889 went on ad brake.

06:27 AM

Bray Wyatt is heading towards the ring with his lantern and fireflies in arena. While Wyatt is talking about Randy Orton and his match at Summerslam against Brock Lesnar. Wyatt is saying that Randy is sick and thinks he has venom running in his blood.

Bray Wyatt is about to finish his segment, here comes Randy Orton. Randy Orton says, there is a voice in his head and that is “Who the hell this man thinks he is?” also, “If you think, I have couples of staples in my skull and this means I am damaged, look at my past, I got more charm after injuries.”

Randy continues, “You want Randy Orton at Backlash, you got. Also, I am not afraid of you. I can beat you right now.” When Randy climbed on the Ring, the Light flash to finish the segment.

Coming is a divas tag team match.


06:41 AM

Match 3: Alexa Bliss & Natalya vs Naomi & Becky Lynch

Nikki Bella is at ringside joining commentary team. Match started after the entrance of all divas and Nikki is talking with commentary team about attack on talking smack last week after Smackdown Live. Match started by Naomi and Alexa and Natalya started dominating here. After ad brake, Naomi is trying to tag Becky Lynch. Here goes tag to all fired Becky Lynch. Now Becky and Alexa are on ring and Alexa is countering moves of Becky.

At meantime, here Carmella attacked Nikki Bella once again and this caused distracted Becky Lunch and allowed Alexa Bliss to pin for her team.

Winner: Alexa Bliss and Natalya

We saw promo of Headbangers. They are returning to WWE after almost 16 years.

Upcoming is tag team match of Heath Slater & Ryhno vs Headbangers.


Match 4: Headbangers vs Heath Slater & Rhyno

Here Heath Slater started against Mosh but soon the HeadBangers dominated. Heath needs to tag Ryhno. Mosh attacked Rhyno to clean the house and tries to pin Heath. Rhyno saved the match. And then he dragged Heath to corner of ring and then asked to tag. A spear to Thrasher and one-two-three. Rhyno and Heath Slater advances to semifinals.


Winner: Heath Slater & Rhyno

Upcoming is Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin in the main-event of Smackdown Live Episode 889.

07:10 AM

Here comes a milkman, here is a suited man calling himself Milkman and he has got license to compete here. And he undresses himself. He asked someone to fight him. Here comes Kane. Milkman is trying to wear his pants to run off the arena but soon, Kane climbed up to ring and deliver a choke-slam to Milkman. Here comes Baron Corbin for main event.

JBL says, no more milk tomorrow, lol.

07:13 AM

Match 5: Baron Corbin vs Dean Ambrose

AJ Style is already on commentary table and thinking if Baron Corbin can damage Dean Ambrose somehow that will help him to fight a week later at WWE Backlash.

Dean Ambrose sends Byron outside the ring and sends a clear message to AJ by dragging Baron to commentary table. After sending Baron, Dean Ambrose is mocking at AJ Style. Baron tried to capture the moment by attacking from back, dean countered. Baron Corbin sends Dean Ambrose outside of ring before going to ad brake.

During ad brake we saw, Baron Corbin hit Dean on steel stairs and dominated in second half. Soon Dean Ambrose countered and sends message why he is World Heavyweight Championship. Ambrose at top rope and Baron is attacking from the ring. Its fly time for Dean Ambrose. Its always fun to watch Dean Ambrose.

AJ Styles stand of commentary table and tries to teach Baron Corbin what to do. Baron Corbin says no body teaches him what to do. During this anger, Dean Ambrose attacked Baron Corbin from behind to throw both down. Soon AJ Styles want to interfere. He tried to hit Dean, he countered. Once again, AJ Style tries to hit Dean Ambrose which goes to Baron Corbin and referee called off the match. Then AJ Style attacked Dean Ambrose and send him on commentary table. Baron Corbin also tried to attack Dean Ambrose after match is called off and throw him inside ring.

Dean Ambrose deliver a dirty deeds to Baron Corbin and then AJ Styles is trying to deliver a phenomenal fore-arm, Dean Ambrose just manage to slip AJ Styles feet on the top rope and AJ Style got injury between legs.

Winner: No one (AJ Style interfered)

Thanks for being with us. That’s it from WWE Smackdown Live Episode 889.

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