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WWE RAW Live Results 25th Sept 17 – Episode 1270

by John Bhatt
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Welcome to WWE RAW Live Results and discussion blog on WWE Monday Night RAW aired on 25th September 2017 (25/09/2017) Episode 1270.

Live Result of Monday Night RAW aired on 25th September 2017. As advertised, we are expected to see the Roman Reigns in Miz TV to kickoff RAW Episode 1270. Also, we expect Braun Strowman to address about loss last night. Enzo will also be there as Cruiserweight Champion but how long will it last, all are worried about this.

Miz TV

05:30 AM – RAW Started with Miz TV as announced yesterday at No Mercy 2017 by Kurt Angle.

Miz and Miztourage are already in the ring and today their guest is Roman Reigns which is requested by Miz himself yesterday. Miz started by criticizing Jason Jordan and presenting him a looser and then requested Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns comes out while The Miz poses with his Intercontinental Championship.

When Miz asked about John Cena saying it was the passing torch moment and Roman Reigns replies that he have now respect for John Cena. Also he added the head by saying after beating John Cena and instead of celebrating he is talking to a cheap guy like Miz. Miz says, he is the guy Champion and he defeated Jason Jordan single handily.

Roman Reigns laughs on this and tells, he is nothing more than a waiter if not helped by Miztourage. Then Miz said, if Miztourage was found five years ago, Shield has no legacy as they had because Miz and Miztourage had destroyed that. Roman tells, Seth and Dean are united and Tag Team Champions but he has different direction and that is Universal Champion from Brock Lesnar.

Miz again talks, Roman disrespected by talking about another champion in front of him and Roman propose for a fight and calls out referee. Miz denies and escapes by mentioning he is suite and his pregnant wife is waiting at home.

Miz leaves the ring when Roman Reigns offered fight, Kurt Angle interfered and makes a match for later tonight Roman Reigns vs The Miz and asks Miztourage to stop there because they have a tag team match with Jason Jordan and Matt Hardy.

Match 1: Jason Jordan & Matt Hardy (with Jeff Hardy) vs Miztourage

05:49 AM – Match started between Jason Jordan and Curtis Axle while Injured Jeff Hardy stays with his brother near ring. Jason tagged Matt Hardy.

Matt and Jason Jordan exchanged the tags and Bo Dallas and Curtis Axle lost before these two super talented athletes.

Winner: Jason Jordan and Matt Hardy

After the ad break, we see the replay of No Mercy’s main event, Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman. You can read full results of No Mercy by following link, No Mercy 2017 Results.

06:08 AM – Elias is in the ring and as usual with his guitar. While his opponent is Apollo Crews with Titus O’Neil.

Match 2 – Elias vs Apollo Crews (with Titus O’Neil)

Match started with exchanging few locks and moves between both power-packed superstars. While Elias pushed Apollo in the corner but Apollo surprised with two back-flips and a kick to head.

Apollo Crews displayed his few moves before taking Elias out of the ring where Elias kicked in the knee of Titus O’Neil which distracted Apollo and Elias managed to win with a kick and neck-breaker.

Winner: Elias

Titus O’Neil climbed on the ring and when Elias tried to attack Titus, he countered and send him out of the ring to end segment. Announcers are talking about Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt (man vs man) match.

Backstage, Charley interviewed Finn Balor and asks about defeating Bray Wyatt. Finn Balor thanked Bray Wyatt for pushing his to his limits and making this possible to win with man-vs-man match. When asked about his next as the rivalry with Bray Wyatt is ended. Finn Balor is going to where he is supposed to go and that is for Universal Championship.

In ring, we see Curt Hawkins talking about his match and calls him out to find his opponent is Braun Strowman.

When he sees Braun Strowman coming to ring, he runs and try to leave arena. Braun Strowman runs after Curt and catches and destroyed him. To finish the assault, Braun throw Curt Hawkins into LED display and returned to ring asking for real fight. He mentioned after last night, he is on the patch of destruction and want real fight. Dean Ambrose comes to stage and goes back to check Curt Hawkins.

Match 3: Dean Ambrose vs Braun Strowman

06:29 AM – Match started between Braun Strowman and Dean Ambrose. Everyone can say, Dean put himself in the shark-cage. This match is one sided and Dean manged to put a sleepers hold but Braun broke that by hitting Dean to ring post.

This all is going like a comedy show while watching and Braun tries cover by putting feed in the Dean chest which Dean kicked for two. Dean started picking up the fight when he manged to push Braun to ring post from outside and hit a suicide dive which Braun caught mid air and Dean Ambrose turned his to a DDT.

However, Dean Ambrose brings more fight to Braun Strowman which we saw yesterday during main event of No Mercy.

Winner: Braun Strowman

A powerslam to Dean Ambrose and cover for three count. Braun Strowman goes backstage after the win and that too satisfied.

Backstage, we see Kurt instructing referee about keeping a eye on Miztourage around ring during match with Roman Reigns. He is interfered by Enzo Amore asking for his celebration time which Kurt denied and asks him to listen an advice from hall of famer in which Enzo replied that, I am good and left the office to end the segment of WWE RAW 25-09-2017 (25th September 2017) Episode 1270.

Backstage, we see conversation between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. While Seth Rollins tells Dean to think twice before what he does and there is no need to go and fight Braun Strowman. Dean replies with he likes to take challenges. Seth has match against Sheamus when Dean says, Seth is predictable all the time, Seth tells, next week he is going to fight Braun Strowman and leaves room.

Dean Ambrose says, however it was bad thing to fight Braun Strowman.

In the ring, Alexa Bliss, RAW Women’s Champion talking about her victory last night at WWE No Mercy.

While Alexa talks about her match and beating four women last night and how she cleared all Women’s division. She is interfered by Mickie James. Mickie talks about, she didn’t beat her. Alexa talks about how she respects and how she was fan of Mickie James in her childhood. Alexa said, Mickie is an old lady and get two slaps and a kick to be thrown out of the ring.

Next is Sheamus vs Seth Rollins.

Match 4: Seth Rollins vs Sheamus (with Cesaro)

07:00 AM – Seth Rollins is already in the ring and Cesaro and Sheamus arrives. Last night we witnessed a five star match between Tag Team Champions Seth and Dean vs Sheamus vs Cesaro where Cesaro lost his teeth.

Seth Rollins hit Sheamus at ring post and and a throws out of the ring. Sheamus power-bombed Seth and tries cover which Seth kicked off. After that Sheamus applies submission move which is broken when Seth reaches the ring.

Seth Rollins is down and Sheamus is fully charged. Seth countered a move from Sheamus which is coming from top rope and a running knee on the face of Sheamus to pin and secure the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Sheamus and Cesaro goes backstage while announcer talk about John Cena vs Roman Reigns match.

Backstage, we see Finn Balor coming who is stopped by Goldust and expressed his anger for helping Goldust when Bray Wyatt is beating Goldust few weeks ago. Finn said, he respect Goldust and as a friend he helped. There is nothing more than that. Goldust offered hand and sorry for Finn. Finn Balor accepted Goldust’s sorry and offered hand, in return Goldust attacked Finn Balor.

We see the replay of RAW Talk in which John Cena says this is like passing torch moment and he just wanted to get respect from Roman Reigns while WWE Universe chants for “Thank You Cena”. Up next is Roman Reigns vs Intercontinental Champion The Miz.

Match 5: Roman Reigns vs The Miz

07:23 AM – Roman Reigns comes first and Miz and Miztourage are next.

The Miz have two persons to help him and as per strategy, Miz is distracting referee and Miztourage are hitting cheap shots to Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns has back problem courtesy of yesterday’s match against John Cena.

Roman Reigns is locked and loaded for superman punch who is distracted by Miztourage and allows Miz to dominates. Roman hit a superman punch to Miz but due to distraction of Curtis Axle and Bo Dallas, Miz easily rolled out of the ring.

Miz tried a skull crushing finale which is countered and turned into a Spear to pick up win.

Winner: Roman Reigns

After the match, Miztourage attacked Roman Reigns and made him ready for Skull Crushing Finale. Roman countered the attack and turned to another superman punch to The Miz. After superman punch, he is about to powerbomb The Miz. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axle attacked Roman Reigns with steel chair repetitively and The Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale to leave Roman in pain. The Miz and Miztourage were walking away to backstage, Roman Reigns stood in the ring and Miz and Miztourage returned to ring and attacked again with steel chairs and repeated with skull crushing finale again.

Miz and Miztourage poses as Shield on RAW Episode 1270

Miz and Miztourage poses as Shield on RAW Episode 1270 © WWE

Finally posing as Shield, The Miz and Miztourage beat the hell out of Roman Reigns and we expect there will be a match between Roman Reigns and The Miz next week and may be title match.

Next is Finn Balor vs Goldust.

Match 6: Finn Balor vs Goldust

After Goldust attacked Finn Balor in locker room area, Finn Balor has demanded this match and it is made official. Match started with few kicks and Finn throw Goldust out of the ring and hits few drop kicks into barricade.

Goldust is in control before going for ad-break.

Back from break, and Goldust is in control. Finn tries to control the match but Goldust’s experience is plus point.

Winner: Finn Balor

Coupe De Grace’s from top rope earns three count for Finn Balor. When the match is finished, we see the lights going off and hear a small girl singing and it seems Bray Wyatt’s mind games are not over yet.

Next in RAW Episode 1270 (25th September 2017) is tag team match between Bailey and Shasha vs Nia and Emma, four ladies out of five who competed yesterday in fatal five way match.

Backstage, we see Bailey and Sasha Banks talking about their match last night. Bailey talks about bringing the same pain to Nia.

Kurt Angle is talking about Miz and Miztourage who bring the absolute assault to Roman Reigns. Soon he is interfered by Enzo Amore asking about preparation of Certified G championship celebration and also a no match clause, if Neville or any other Cruiserweight attacked Enzo, they will not be eligible for the title match. Kurt is in the middle of something and he accepts his condition and also warns him that Enzo is annoying him.

Women’s tag team match is next.

Match 7: Nia Jax & Emma vs Sasha Banks & Bailey

08:11 AM – All superstars are in the ring and referee called for bell. Nia Jax and Bailey started things. Nia Jax targets Bailey once again and when Sasha Banks tried to save and tag, Nia Jax throw both of them out of the ring.

After ad-break, still Nia and Bailey and Nia is targeting the same injured shoulder once again. Emma tagged Nia and Bailey fights back to tap Sasha Banks. Now Emma and Sasha are official in the ring. Sasha and Bailey hit Nia in the ring post and exchanged tags. Bailey with a bailey-to-belly to Emma and pinned for three count.

Winner: Sasha Banks and Bailey

Backstage, we see excited Enzo Amore about his Cruiserweight Championship celebration. Like we earlier said, Roman Reigns will challenge The Miz for Intercontinental Championship next week.

And the match between Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman is also made official for next week. Here comes Enzo Amore.

Enzo Amore Cruiserweight Championship Celebration

Enzo shares his experience of his first night with Championship. He mentioned Big Cass when mentioning jealous people. He introduced a Certified G Jersey. While Enzo talks he made the Cruiserweight more relevant. all Cruiserweight came down to ring.

Enzo defines them all as haters and insults them all one by one. Finally here comes Neville. Enzo insults him too. Neville fires back with words. Neville comes to ring to which Enzo prevents Neville by reminding a clause that if any Cruiserweight laid his hand on Enzo, he is not getting title oppertunity.

This means, Neville will not challenge Enzo directly. Beatdown across the ring and outside the ring, when Enzo try to escape from ring area, other cruiser-weights at stage stopped him. Neville bring him back on stage, puts the No Contract clause signed by Kurt Angle into mouth of Enzo and hits a vicious kick and a red arrow to finish the segment.

With this, this is all from Episode 1270. We will be back with live results and discussion on WWE RAW next week. Thanks for staying with us and reading.

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