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WWE Superstar Salary 2017 – USD and INR

by John Bhatt

As a fan, WWE Superstars are always like superheroes for all. I have been watching wrestling since long time and always have lots of questions in my mind.

Few of such questions are, how much they earn, is the pain real, why do they bear such pain and many other questions. Over the period of time, I have learned a lot of inside things by podcasts of veterans and other sports channels.

In this article, we are going to disclose the contract wage of top paid superstars.

How much does WWE Superstars earn?

Lets start with the highest paid Superstar, and that is undoubtedly Brock Lesnar.

1. Brock Lesnar

As the Paul Heyman says, the Beast Brooock Lessssnarrrr earns the most of the WWE. Because of his unmatched physical strength and UFC career, the super-athlete earns most from contract amount and pay-per view appearances and some from merchandise sales (Suplex City t-shirts).

Salary of Brock Lesnar WWE

Brock Lesnar earns $12 million annually by Contract Salary, Bookings, Merchandise from other WWE events. This is nearly equal to 77 crore INR per year, more than 6 crore per month.

2. John Cena

Undoubtedly John Cena is the most popular superstar in Wrestling and charity work is synonym of John Cena with World’s most Make a Wish sponsor. John Cena has been available through the year all days and all weeks for WWE for Televised matches, WWE Network Exclusive matches, real world promotions, WWE Studio Works and other WWE Live Events. John Cena earns most from merchandise sell as compared to other superstars.

John Cena with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins

But because of his absence from WWE for his Hollywood project and TV shows, earnings of John Cena came down to $8 million from WWE. This is nearly 51 crore INR per year, more than 4 crore per month.

3. Triple H

WWE EVP – Talends, Paul Levesque, however doesn’t appear that much in TV but the King of the Kings, the villainous character of all time, Triple H earns most from his executive job contract. Along with this, his pay-per view appearance and merchandise sales are other medium of earning.

Salary of Triple H (Paul Levesque)

Triple H earns $3.5 million from WWE including salary. Converting this amount in Indian Currency, the Salary will be around 22 crore, nearly 2 crore per month.

4. Roman Reigns

The Guy who owns the Yard after defeating and retiring Undertaker at Wrestlemania Roman Reigns is on the top of his career. After being in Universal Championship picture for couple of times this year, Roman has not taken any leave and lucky to have no injury.

Salary of Roman Reigns WWE

Available anytime for the promotion & due to the physic and his in-ring abilities with merchandise sell, Roman Reigns salary goes upto $3.5 million. Converting this amount in Indian Currency, the Salary will be around 22 crore, nearly 2 crore per month.

5. Dean Ambrose

The lunatic fringe, The Unstable Dean Ambrose is known for having most attendance. Last year, if you remember, in a episode or Monday Night RAW, he walked to head quarters where no vehicles were available due to heavy snowfall and live event was cancelled. He was present at the studios and joined announcers and commentary for a segment.

Dean Ambrose WWE Salary

Recording 194 event in year 2016, most of any superstar, Dean Ambrose earns $2.7 million from WWE. The Salary of Dean Ambrose in INR will be more than 17 crore, approx 1.5 crore per month.

6. A J Styles

A J Styles is no new name in Wrestling world. Even compared to John Cena for his calmness, the roles he played in TV programming for various promotions and the athletic abilities he got, he is the truly phenomenal Superstar currently performing under Smackdown Live brand and appeared in multiple Pay-per-views for company.

A J Styles WWE Salary

After making entrance at Royal Rumble last year, he is able to make is name in WWE with merchandise sale as well as without injury available for many events including live events. WWE paid A J Styles $2.4 million salary. AJ Style earns nearly 15 crore Indian Rupees salary per year which is more than 1 crore per month.

7. Shane McMahon

The Elder son of Vince, Shano-Mac returned to ring after 6 years. In a storyline where Vince is awarding Stephanie McMahon for excellency, Shane McMahon returned and claimed for his position in WWE. Following the series, Undertaker vs Shane McMahon match which is considered the one of the top selling match and Wrestlemania 32 and brand split and making him commissioner of Smackdown Live.

WWE Salary of Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon earns $2.2 million from his WWE contract. This comes around 14 crore per year and slightly more than 1 crore per month.

8. The Undertaker

If you think, Undertaker does not appear in TV, how can he earn, you might be thinking wrong. You’re right, Undertaker appeared just five times last year and wrestled on only once occasion. But the Deadman has always the largest fan-following and merchandise sell.

Salary of Undertaker from WWE

Undertaker earned $2 million from WWE and merchandise sell revenue share. Undertaker earns nearly 13 crore per year which comes around 1 crore per month.

9. Seth Rollins

The Architect, The King-slayer, Seth Freakin Rollins is the Authority part after breaking Shield. After being WWE Champion, United States Champion and currently teamed back with his former Shield Team mate Dean Ambrose and current tag team champion, he has done it all.

Salary of WWE Seth Rollins

A super talented athlete with excellent mike abilities, however he has injured some of the superstars to retire. Namingly Sting who returned to WWE at the retiring age, during a match Seth Rollins powerbombed Sting and caused Injury led him to retire before Wrestlemania.

Seth Rollins earnes $2 million from his contract, merchandise sell from WWE. Seth Rollins earns nearly 13 crore per year which comes around 1 crore per month.

10. Randy Orton

The Viper, Randy Orton is 13 time WWE champion and one of the second generation wrestler who is working for WWE since long. Due to his large fan following and in-ring abilities and RKOs to his opponent, even after facing long injury last year, Randy Orton is still one of the top superstars WWE have.

Salary of WWE Randy Orton

Randy Orton earns $1.9 million from WWE. Randy earns nearly 12 crore per year which comes around 1 crore per month.

Bonus Superstars

Jinder Mahal

WWE Superstar Jinder Mahal Salary in INRModern Day Maharaja, Jinder Mahal, the Indo-Canadian wrestler and current WWE Champion earns $300,000 per year from his contract. Nearly 2 crore in Indian Rupees per year which is about 16 lakh INR per month.

These are the top-ten highest earner of year 2017. Stay tuned for other WWE news and updates.

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