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Smackdown Live Results 26-09-17 (26 Sept 2017) – Episode 945

by John Bhatt
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Welcome to Live result and discussion page for WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown Live Episode 945 aired on 26th September 2017.

In India, the broadcast time is 27th September 2017, 05:30 AM to 7:30 AM. This Episode 945 of Smackdown Live will be presented from GILA RIVER ARENA, GLENDALE, AZ.

This episode is expected to feature below superstars and events.

Shane McMahon to respond Kevin Owens about his statements on ongoing rivalry their Hell In A Cell match. Shinsuke Nakamura to respond Jinder Mahal, Baron Corbin, Tye Dillinger, The Usos, Hype Bros, Rusev’s honor and other superstars.

Kickoff – SD Live Episode 945

05:30 AM – WWE Smackdown Live (26/09/17) Episode 945 started with last Shane McMahon’s address to Kevin and Kevin Owens addressing Shane on last week’s WWE Smackdown Live 19/09/17 episode 944. Kevin Owens comes to ring to kickoff the show.

Kevin says, since last week, I am hearing that he is hearing that Shane McMahon will address and being called coward. Instead, Shane McMahon is coward and Shane, what I did to the man I respect, Vince McMahon, imagine what I am going to person that I don’t respect.

Sami Zayn comes out and reminds him about incidents where he snapped. Sami asks him to think about his family and stop all this. Kevin replies with what he have done in WWE being new to Sami Zayn.

Sami replies, you have taken all cheap shots and all corners to get where you are while Sami did his way and correct way. One day, his days will come and he will get more higher career that Kevin ever had. With this being said, Kevin dropped microphone with intentions of fighting and Sami does too.

Daniel Bryan comes and makes that match official to end segment. Next is Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger.

Match 1: Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger

We see replay of last weeks match, A J Styles vs Baron Corbin where Tye Dillinger saved A J Styles from being beaten and that cost Baron Corbin match as he taps against A J Styles.

Baron Corbin comes first, then Tye Dillinger and before match starts they are joined by United States Champion A J Styles.

Before match starts, A J Styles is at the ringside and Baron Corbin argues with A J Styles from ring, Tye throws Corbin from top rope. Match will start after commercial break.

Match is started between commercial break, and a back-breaker makes Baron in control. Tye rolls out of the ring. Tye hits a super-kick and tries cover, Baron kicked out of two. Baron comes out of ring and tries a spear at Tye at ring post where Tye moved aside and Baron hit on the steel stairs.

Tye brings him on the ring and covers for two count. Baron Corbin rolls out of the ring, a kick from Tye moves him near commentary table and starts arguing with A J Styles and throws water in the face of A J Styles., When Tye Dillinger comes to take him back to ring, Baron throws Tye into A J Styles over commentary table and comes back to ring.

Referee counts for ten before Tye could make to ring.

Winner: Baron Corbin (via Countdown)

A J Styles comes to ring and Baron rolls out. After reaching near to stage, Baron Corbin says, A J Styles is here because A J could not win over him alone. He challenged A J Styles for Hell In A Cell for United States championship. Next is Jinder Mahal and Singh Brothers to end segment on SD Live Episode 945.

After ad break, we see the official confirmation of match which Baron proposed.

Singh Brothers and Jinder Mahal are in the ring. Jinder makes fun of Shinsuke Nakamura’s photo. When being posed of his artist photo, that photo starts moving. That was Shinsuke Nakamura himself instead of photo.

He is coming to the Smackdown Live 26/09/17 (Episode 945) and here the artist known as Shinsuke Nakamura comes. Singh Brothers and Jinder Mahal are worried.

Jinder Mahal sends Singh Brothers to attack which Shinsuke countered with two vicious kicks and from behind Jinder Mahal attacked Shinsuke. After hitting to ring post, Jinder throws Shinsuke Nakamura in the ring. Where Shinsuke attacked Singh Brothers and a Kinshasa to Jinder Mahal makes all them to clear the ring.

Before ending segment, we see The New Day coming to ring.

Match 2: The Usos s Hype Bros

While The New Day stand in the stand, the Usos and Hype Bros start their match. While team work for The Usos was never bad, Zack Ryder is on the top rope and Mojo tagged from behind, they started arguing for this tag and taking advantage of situation, Jimmy pushed Mojo to Zack and tagged Jay and a flying move from top rope secured three count.

Winner: The Usos

After the match, they confronted The New Day and New Day decided that their match for Tag Team Championship will happen inside Hell In A Cell structure.

Rusev’s Celebration

At its time for Rusev’s Celebration and host is none other than Aiden English and introduces Mayer of Rusev’s hometown. Aiden sings national anthem of Bulgaria when Rusev comes to ring. Mayer talks in local language first and then translates this to English later where Aiden helps with the scripts. Mayer presented a key to his city as the gift. As Aiden announced before, Rusev made history by beating Randy Orton under 9 seconds. Rusev shows replay of that match.

Rusev further says, he has killed legend from Legend Killer Randy Orton. New lion is on the jungle and Aiden English sings special songs for Rusev.

While Aiden is singing song for Rusev, Randy comes from no-where and a RKO to Aiden. Rusev managed to send his Mayer out of the ring and a RKO comes to Rusev as well.

Backstage, we see Daniel Bryan is talking over phone when Sami Zayn comes. After finishing call, Sami request Daniel to stop Shane McMahon from possible interfere during match of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn later tonight. Daniel says, you know how he is? Sami replied, I would love to fight Kevin in Hell In a Cell but I don’t have that match while Shane has. So he wants to fight Kevin tonight. Dean agrees the points and says he will try to stop him, to end segment.

Next is Charlotte Flair vs Carmella.

Match 3: Carmella vs Charlotte Flair

Carmella comes with James Ellsworth and ties him at ring post with chain to stop possible interfere. Charlotte hits three suplex by by locking Carmella’s head in her leg. Carmella moves out of the ring and Charlotte is distracted by Ellsworth and that allows Carmella to hit Flair in the apron.

Miss Money in the Bank is in control. Charlotte kicks out of several cover attempts.

Charlotte hits a super-kick to pick up win over Carmella.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

As soon as bell rang and winner announced, Natalya comes and tells, She would love to watch Ric Flair to watch his over-rated daughter fail in Hell In A Cell.

Next week, we will see the return of Fashion Police and its time for Dolph Ziggler.

This time he tries Undertaker theme. Dolph comes down to ring and he repeats No One can do what I do in the ring. His Hell In A Cell opponent Bobby Roode comes to Smackdown to address the situation and make it more Glorious.

Dolph Ziggler accepts Bobby Roode’s official challenge while this has been already revealed that they will be fighting at Hell in a Cell. Next is Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn.

Match 4: Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens in full control and Sami Zayn is on the receiving end this time. Kevin Owens with hate and anger in his face. However, Sami Zayn hit two forearms to take Kevin Owens down for little moment.

Backstage, we see Shane McMahon entering building to end segment.

After commercial break, both superstars are making impression and kicking out of each others cover attempt. Sami Zayn is in control now with a high-flyer.

Sami Zayn countered power-bomb and tries cover. To turn the match, Kevin Owens pop-up-powerbomb in the ring corner to injure Sami Zayn. Kevin Owens is stopped by officials and sitting on the top of commentary table.

Winner: No One (Match called off due to Sami Zayn’s Injury

Officials and medical staffs are taking Sami Zayn are taking him backstage but Kevin Owens snapped and attacked injured Sami Zayn. Kevin Owens puts a steel chair in Sami Zayn’s neck and is about to hit that chair at ring post but Shane McMahon appeared to save this.

Kevin Owens throws Sami Zayn onto Shane McMahon’s body and escaped from arena. After running through the audience, Kevin poses from the top stand to end the show.

Its all from Smackdown Live 26/09/2017 (26th Sepember 2017) Episode 945. We will be back again with Live Results and discussions on Smackdown Live next week. Stay tuned.

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