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Smackdown Live Results & Discussion – Episode 942 (05 September 2017)

by John Bhatt
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Welcome to Live result and discussion page for WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown Live Episode 942 aired on 05th September 2017. In India, the broadcast time is 06st September 2017, 05:30 AM to 7:30 AM.

This Episode 942 of Smackdown Live is live broadcast from Denny Sanford Premier Center
Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

05:30 AM: It started with preview of last week’s tag team match and highlighting Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton. Corey Graves replacing JBL with Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips.

05:33 AM: Backstage, Randy Orton is talking about Shinsuke while see Shinsuke Namakura practicing and both Superstars are sharing their views without being asked.

Meanwhile in ring, James Elsworth and Ms Money In The Bank Carmella but before James introduce Carmella, here comes Kevin Owens.

Kevin says he is the referee of the match between Carmella and Natalya and asks referee shirt but referee denies. Soon Shane McMahon arrives in the ring to calm the situation.

Shane says “Stop Blaming me for your losses.”

Kevin says, it is better in RAW. Shane reminds that is because Triple H handed Universal Championship Kevin Owens rather than he won but things don’t work here like that.

Kevin Owens says, Shane has interest for soptlight because he didn’t get his daddy’s attention while he kid and also some filthy comments about his kids. Shane stops and says, don’t bring kids in between.

Kevin mentions Shane’s Kid and Family multiple time and when he says It would be great life for McMahon family if Shane didn’t survived the helicopter crash. His wife and kids have been living better life without him, Shane couldn’t handle and attacked Kevin and throws on commentary table. It needs security personal and Daniel Bryan to calm and separate them. With this, Smackdown Live went for a commercial break.

05:46 AM

Back after quick break and recap of earlier brawl between Commissioner and Kevin Owens. Backstage while Daniel try to calm down Kevin while he says he is going to sue every member of WWE and he will turn Smackdown  into Kevin Owen’s Show. And he is going to file and criminal complaint against Shane personally.

Match 1: Carmella vs Natalya

05:50 AM- While all this is going on, Ellsworth and Carmela are at ringside and here comes Natalya. With few exchange of kicks and pinning attempts by both superstars match is going on. Time for a commercial break.

05:56 AM: Back from commercial break and Natalya is dominating in the ring while Carmella has only slaps to hit. Natalya turned Carmella’s pinning attempt to a powerslam.

James Ellsworth is at ringside and is coming to ring as to celebrate but briefcase dropped in ring. Referee noticed this and asked about her intentions, being quick and talking advantage of distraction, Natalya pinned for three count.

Winner: Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya

05:59 AM – here comes final chapter for James and Carmella. James is begging to Carmella for forgiveness but after few assalting words Carmella carries her briefcase and says We are through.

Backstage, Shane McMahon is thinking.

Next is Dolph Ziggler is about to re-debut. Its time for a break again.

06:06 AM: We are back after break and we see Connor’s Cure and other cancer survived kids on screen and WWE’s work for cancer awareness.

Here comes Dolph Ziggler while he is just as usual no new gimmicks and no new entrance music. But something has been changed,He is coming with a new gimmick and its John Cena’s music and his Intro with John Cena style, throwing caps and hankies. Again he stops at stage and here he tries to give a new intro. Its some legendary superstars theme and he comes with a girl as well.

Again he says it is not working and its now time to follow Naomi’s entrance with shining hair and shirt and he find this one is also not working.

Dolph says, anyone can do what he just did coming with a girl or costumes but says one one can do what he can do on that ring. Next is Sami Zayn vs Aiden English. Another commercial break.

Match 2: Sami Zayn vs Aiden English (last week’s rematch caused by Kevin Owens interference)

06:20 AM- While Aiden English is about to start his poetry, Sami Zayn music hits which make Aiden frustrate. After quick attempt, Aiden English manage take advantage of wrong position of Sami Zayn’s landing and pins Sami Zayn for three count.

Winner: Aiden English

06:22 AM- Aiden English moves away from ring and starts singing again, this makes Sami angry and he chases Aiden. Aiden sings Please don’t and repeating that line he escapes to backstage.

Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan

At the meantime, we see Daniel Bryan looking at replay of brawl between morning incidents and soon joined by New Day and Usos. Daniel Bryan asks Usos to choose stipulation for next weeks fight. Usos choose Las Vegas Street Fight. At the same time, Daniel received a call and possibly it is Vince on the other hand and he has instructed Daniel to do something, Daniel asked should I do it right now, reply is Yes and Smackdown live go for a commercial break.

06:29 AM: Daniel Bryan is heading to ring. And asks Shane McMahon to come down to ring. Shane comes without his music even Daniel came without his music.

Daniel – Shane what are you thinking?

Shane – Things are out of control.

Daniel reminds him about The Miz doing same with him last year about his wrestling career and as instructed by you. I put WWE first and myself second.

Shane McMahon tells, he will talk to Kevin and tries to solve thing smoothly. Daniel says, He afraid but the call was from his Father Vince and he has some instruction for Shane.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Daniel to Shane – Effective Immediately, from the chairman and CEO of the WWE, you are indefinitely suspended. ” quote=”Daniel to Shane – Effective Immediately, from the chairman and CEO of the WWE, you are indefinitely suspended.” theme=”style2″]

After saying this line, Daniel Bryan puts his microphone down and moves backstage. Some time later, Shane also keeps microphone gently and emotionally leaves ring before going on break.

06:41 AM- Renee Young ask Jinder Mahal whom would he like to face, Randy or Shinsuke? He has beaten Randy multiple times and he can beat Shinsuke too and this doesn’t matter whoever wins, ultimately they have to loose against Modern Day Maharaja. AJ Styles is in commentary with his United States championship. Baron Corbin is heading to ring. Also we see the replay of last weeks United States Open challenge.

06:48 AM- Baron Corbin’s opponent today is Perfect Ten Tye Dillinger.

Match 3: Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger.

As soon as bell rang, Baron Corbin moved out of ring and comes in front of AJ Styles who is in Commentary table. Tye Dillinger attacked Baron from backside and throws in barricade. Smackdown Live went for commercial break once they both are on ring.

06:52 AM- Back from commercial break, Baron Corbin is dominating in the ring. Tye tries to capture moment with a forearm and kick on the face. Baron tries capturing with a kick sending Tye out of ring. Tye was dominating while Baron hit a cheap shot to lead to End of Days and three count pin-fall.

Winner: Baron Corbin

After the win, words looks are being exchanged between AJ Styles and Baron Corbin. On the screen, we see the promo of Main Event of Episode 942 of Smackdown Live between Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton for first time and winner of this match will challenge Jinder Mahal for WWE Championship and Hell in the Cell. Next is Bobby Roode. Time for a commercial break.

Backstage, AJ Styles talks to Tye Dillinger and talks about his match last week and this is also perfect. Baron Corbin win this match because of cheap shot. Also invites for his US Championship Open Challenge which will happen next week at Sincity. Also, we see promo of Bobby Roode.

Backstage, James Ellsworth begs for Sorry and Carmella kisses and slaps him. James is unable to understand what that means.

07:04 AM- Here we hear the entrance music of Shinsuke Nakamura heading towards ring for the main event. With his arrival in ring, Smackdown Live went for another commercial break.

07:11 AM- Back after commercial break and here comes Randy Orton. We can predict this match is going to be awesome. Backstage, we see Jinder Mahal and Singh Brothers are watching match. As Jinder told, this match is about RKO and Kinshasa.

Match 4: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Randy Orton

07:14 AM – Match started and some broadcasting issues with Cable network make it to take for commercial break.

07:19 AM – Back after commercial break. Randy Orton is dominating with headlock to Shinsuke. With few vicious hands from Shinsuke caused separation and Randy throws Shinsuke in announce table. Randy Orton pulls Shinsuke in the ring and tries pinning attempt for two count. A sidekick from the Artist dominated over Viper and back to back kicks allows Shinsuke to try a pinning attempt on 13 time World Champion.

Nakamura is on the top rop and Randy pushed his leg and a superflex from top rope. Randy Orton tries to pin and Shinsuke kicks on two count. Shinsuke asks for more to Randy and clearly heard, com’on.

Shinsuke cough the kick Randy is trying and set perfect position for Kinshasa. While a quickest flip can ‘t get him three count which is followed by a DDT from from second rope.

07:28 AM- Shinsuke countered two RKO to finally deliver a Kinshasa to Randy Orton for three count.

Winner – Shinsuke Nakamura

This confirms, it will be The Artist known as Shinsuke Nakamura vs Modern Day Maharaja for WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell.

Also, as AJ Style shared with Tye Dillinger, that match is made official for next week.

We saw Kevin Owens backstage and Daniel Bryan reaches him to calm down as Shane is suspended. Kevin says, he will turn Smackdown Live into his personal playground and no one can do anything about it. Danial reveals that net week Mr. McMahon is coming to address the situation live which changed the emotion and colors of Kevin Owens face.

That’s it from Episode 942 of Smackdown Live. We will be back next with with RAW and Smackdown Live results and discussions. Leave your suggestions and feedback on comment section. Thanks for staying with us.

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