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WWE Smackdown Live Result 19th Sept 2017 – Episode 944

by John Bhatt
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Welcome to Live result and discussion page for WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown Live Episode 944 aired on 19th September 2017.

In India, the broadcast time is 20th September 2017, 05:30 AM to 7:30 AM. This Episode 944 of Smackdown Live will be presented from Oracle Arena in OAKLAND, CA.

This episode is expected to feature below superstars and events.

Shane McMahon addresses Kevin Owens brutal attack on his father. Natalya to host a “Celebration of Women”, New Day to address WWE Universe on their win against Usos last week at Sin City Smackdown. Also A J Styles United States Open Challenge will feature match with Baron Corbin for WWE US Championship. WWE Champion Jinder Mahal is also featured to address on last weeks controversial comments.

We will be live once match is on air, till then you can read results of WWE Monday Night RAW 18th September 2017 Episode 1269 or you can check which superstar in the current Smackdown Live roaster earns most.


05:30 AM – WWE Smackdown Live started with 2 week’s replay of Shane  attacking Kevin Owens and then Vince McMahon and Kevin Owens segment from last week. Kevin Owens beating Vince McMahon last week after getting words from Vince himself.

Shane McMahon is here to address the situation and about his match. He comes in serious mood. Addressing Kevin Owens for his cowardly act of attacking a old man and understand his feeling of seeing his father beaten down while seating home with thee sons.

Shane left ring with warning to Kevin Owens for Helll In a Cell match and backstage we see Randy Orton coming to ring to end segment.

05:43 AM – Back from commercial break, Aiden English is in the ring and he is for match with Randy. Aiden sings he hears voices in head and he is a fool.

Match 1: Randy Orton vs Aiden English

This is huge match for Aiden English and thirteen time World Champion is trying to make it as quick as possible.

Aiden moved out of the ring to save himself from DDT from rope, Randy also went outside ring and few moves. Aiden countered with a drop on commentary table. While Aiden is in the ring and Randy is trying to make it to ring and referee is counting to end segment.

05:51 AM – Back from commercial break and Aiden is dominating while segment started. Randy picked up the pace with few uppercuts but Aiden put finger in Randy’s eyes which referee didn’t see. The caused Aiden English to dominate next few minutes.

English try to hit a splash from top rope which Randy Orton converted into RKO from nowhere to pick up win.

Winner: Randy Orton

Rusev appeared from stage and talking about his match at Summerslam for turning him from National Hero to National disgrace. He challenged Randy for his rematch after Summerslam, which Randy agreed and match started.

Match 2: Randy Orton vs Rusev

Randy try to start with RKO and Aiden English appeared ringside to distract, while Randy hit Aiden to out of the ring, Rusev hit a kick to face to pin Randy for three count.

Winner: Rusev

While Randy was thinking something after loosing so quick. This is an ongoing rivalry which could build a match at coming PPVs.

At backstage, we see WWE Champion Jinder Mahal coming towards ring to address his comments last week made on Shinsuke Nakamura and just informed Rick Flair and Charlotte Flair will be on Smackdown live on this episode 944 to end segment.

Backstage, Rusev was more than happy and telling “I beat him” repetitively. His words are now he can return home like a conquering hero.

Jinder Mahal and Singh Brothers

At ringside, Singh Brothers and Singh Brothers are in the ring. He is addressing Shinsuke Nakamura and same as last week he started insulting by sharing his photo and describing for all moods like Happiness, Anger, after beaten and shared the same pic to illustrate how his face will look after loosing at Hell In a Cell against The Modern Day Maharaja.


Jinder tells to Shinsuke, “the people like they are chanting your name and singing your song now are those who used to sing and chant for me and as they are hating me now, soon they will hate you. I will emerge victorious after Hell in a Cell match and will still be champion.”

Next is A J Styles vs Baron Corbin for US Championship match as A J Styles United States Open Challenge starts only for Baron Corbin.

After ad-break, Backstage, we see Renee interviewing Shinsuke and asking about his reaction on Jinder Mahal.

Shinsuke replied he was so funny and will not remain that much after Hell In a Cell match where he will win the title.

A J Styles addresses Kevin Owens

Styles is making way to ring and we see reply of Sin City Smackdown replay of Tye Dillinger vs A J Styles.

A J Styles addressed Kevin Owens for the biggest mistake he made by attacking the man who created WWE Universe and make possible for A J Styles to perform here.

And remembering his match against Shane McMahon, A J Styles told Kevin that he wont make through Hell In A Cell.

When coming to address Baron Corbin he used term Short-cut king and reminded him of his failures against John Cena, Cashing Money In the Bank contract in a loosing event and getting his match by shortcut.

Baron Corbin is in the ring for A J Styles United States Open Challenge on Episode 944 for Smackdown Live.

Match 3: A J Styles vs Baron Corbin for US Championship title.

Before the ring bell, Baron Corbin attacked A J Styles from backside while he is being introduced.

A J Styles was hurt and Tye Dillinger came to save A J Styles and attacked Baron Corbin as Baron costed him a match and Baron attacked him in previous future.

Baron Corbin was attacked brutally and needed 4 official to separate.

Baron Corbin rolled in the ring with a hurt knee and A J Styles applied calf crusher to make him tap.

While match has not started this does not mean anything and A J Styles done it with intention of revenge and hurt him.

Winner: No One (Match Cancelled)

With this, a commercial break.

After break, we see a backstage segment where Baron Corbin is walking on his one leg and interviewed.

In the ring, Charlotte Flair. She thanked WWE Universe for sending good wishes for her father and he is surely making comeback.

Celebration of Women

When Charlotte is in the middle, she is interrupted by Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya.

She is happy about Rick’s recovery and its time for first ever Celebration of Women.

While Natalya revealed her picture with title after sharing a story, Charlotte challenged for her title.

They are joined by Becky Lynch. Becky Lynch talked about getting her title back and they are joined by former champion Naomi.

Before Naomi could also challenge her, they are joined by Tamina accompanied by Lana.

Natalya moved out of ring and she is angry about being called Crazy Cat-Lady.

And she told they are not going to get any match and she will remain champion forever.

To give the right direction to situation, Smackdown Live general Manager Daniel Bryan came and made a fatal four way match between Becky Lynch, Naomi, Tamina and returning Charlotte.

The winner of that match will challenge Natalya for WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship a Hell In a cell.

The face of Natalya is watchable as she is horrified when Daniel made his way to ring and later announced match for Hell In a Cell.

Before ending segment, we heard that Kevin Owens will be live from Seattle for a interview and New Day will face Hype Bros next.

Match 4: The New Day vs Hype Bros

Mojo Rowley and Zack Ryder against Kofi Kinston and Big E from New Day while New Day’s Hell In a Cell opponents for tag championship are watching match from commentary table.

Match started by Mojo and Big E and Mojo caught Big E and created a New Day Rocks moments by hitting on Big E’s butt.

Big E hit a shoulder tackle to end the segment.

Winner: The New Day

After their win against Hype Bros, New Day confronted with The Usos.

Kevin Owen’s Interview

Its Kevin Owens time. and he is sorry for attacking Vince.

He apologized to McMahon family for causing damage to Vince.

He explained, when Vince is shaking hand with Kevin, he turned to Shane in Kevin’s mind and it caused is situation.

Also, he said, what he did to Vince is nothing compared to what is going to do with Shane at Hell In A Cell.

His last word to finish the interview by replying to Shane’s word – “I will condemn him to hell”, Kevin replied with “people like mine does no go to hell, they go to heaven.”

After ad-break, backstage we see Mojo Rowley and Zack Ryder talking about their one more loosing effort.

And Dolph Ziggler is in the stage and talk about imitating his gimmicks of previous weeks. He is going to illustrate more.

Dolph Ziggler in the Game Triple H’s entrance video.

He will try another, this time it is HBK Shawn Micheal and it was also not much engaging and Dolph will try another. This time it is DX.

Dolph is trying to prove a fact that WWE Universe likes Superstars based on their Entrance but not based on their in-ring performance.

Match 5: Naomi vs Tamina vs Charlotte vs Becky Lynch

07:17 AM- First Becky, then Tamina, then Naomi and finally Charlotte made their way to ring.

Match started between Tamina and Charlotte and Becky ad Naomi are hurt outside ring.

A commercial break.

After commercial break, we see all competitor where first Naomi and Charlotte and when Becky applied Dis-arm-her on Naomi and Tamina saved the match.

Charlotte dominating all and applied figure eight leg lock to Naomi which is saved by Becky Lynch and pinning attempt is broken by Tamina.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

Tamina flies from top rope on Becky and Charlotte but Naomi saved the pinning attempt.

Naomi is distracted by Lana in which Charlotte hit a big boot to Tamina and pinned for becoming number one contender for Women’s Championship at HIAC.

That’s it from this episode. WWE Smackdown Live results for 19th September 2017 Episode 944 are above.

Stay tuned for results of next weeks. Till then you can subscribe for our weekly newsletter just below.

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