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WWE Superstar Salary 2018 – USD and INR

by John Bhatt
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In continuation of our last years top earners list, we are sharing official earnings of top 10 superstars for year 2018. This list has been taken from Forbes. 

1. John Cena (70 Crore INR)

John Cena WWE Top Earner

Despite remaining most of time out of action last year, the 16 time World Champion has topped the list. John Cena earned $10 Million last year which translates to nearly 70 Crore INR

2. Brock Lesnar (46 Crore INR)

Salary of Brock Lesnar WWE

Last years earning topper Brock Lesnar has not made more than 2-3 public appearances this year. Due to this his match/PPV fees as well as Merchandise Sales decreased. Brock Lesnar earner $6.5 million last year which translates to near 46 Crore INR. 

3. Roman Reigns (30 Crore INR)

Salary of Roman Reigns WWE

The Big Dog who owns the WWE Yard after defeating Undertake at last years WrestleMania. Roman Reigns did not suffered any injury and appeared on almost all house/live and televised shows and pay per view. His feud with Braun Strowman and other top guys gave him good storyline and matches. This increased his merchandise sales and popularity further more. In 2018 Roman Reigns earned $4.3 million as Salary from WWE which translates nearly 30 Crore Indian Rupees.

4. A J Styles (25 Crore INR)

A J Styles WWE Salary

The Phenomenal One has been appearing and leading WWE Superstar for Smackdown Brand since beginning and can be compared with the role taken by Roman Reigns for RAW. A J Styles has earned $3.5 million as WWE Salary 2018 last year which translates to 25 Crore Indian Rupees.

5. Triple H (22.7 Crore)

Salary of Triple H (Paul Levesque)

The Game, Triple H earned $3.2 Million from WWE Salary in 2018. As WWE Superstar and WWE Executive Paul Levesque earned nearly 22.7 crore Indian Rupees as WWE Salary.

6. Randy Orton (20.6 Crore INR)

Salary of WWE Randy Orton

Randy Orton, the Apex Predator of WWE is on the number six. Thanks to his fued with Bray Wyatt last year and strong presence in Smackdown Live brand. Randy Orton has earned $2.9 Million on 2018 from his WWE Salary. In Indian Rupees, Salary of Randy Orton for the year 2018 from WWE is nearly 21 Crore. 

7. Seth Rollins (19 Crore INR)

Salary of Seth Rollins WWE Salary 2018

The King Slayer, Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins is the architect and his feud with Shield, then Triple H and again re-union with Shield brothers Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns has earned him much popularity. In 2018, Seth Rollins has earned $2.7 Million from WWE. In Indian Currency this is nearly 19 Crore for the 2018 as Salary.

8. The Undertaker (17.8 Crore INR)

Salary of Undertaker from WWE

The Undertaker has only wrestled twice last year. But the Deadman’s popularity is not decreased and he is always a major card for WWE. In last year Undertaker earned $2.5 Million from his WWE Salary. Which translated to nearly 17.8 Crore Indian Rupees as current exchange rates.

9. Dean Ambrose (15.5 Crore INR)

Dean Ambrose WWE Salary

Dean Ambrose, not active on Social Media, Lunatic Fringe is the identity given by WWE to this versatile and most talented Superstar. Despite suffering a Tricep injury and had to have a surgery and rest for months. But despite being absent from WWE Universe, Dean Ambrose earned hefty amount from his contract. He earned $2.2 Million from WWE as his salary for  2018. Which translates nearly 15.5 Crore Indian Rupees as of current exchange rates. Dean Ambrose is not back to action and associated with SHIELD.

10. Kevin Owens (14.2 Crore IND)

Results of Smack Down Live Episode 944

This powerful Canadian wrestler has made most out of his competitor. His feud with Sami Zayn and then with Shane McMahon and attack to Vince McMahon and his Hell In A Cell match raised his popularity. Villainous and selfish role given to him by WWE story-line is perfectly played on screen and this made him much money than other talented superstars in roaster. Kevin Owens earned $2 Million as WWE Salary on 2018. This translates nearly to 14.2 Crore Indian Rupees as current exchange values. 

We tried to cover the top 10 superstar salary for the year 2018. This list is build based on data by Forbes. We tested the data twice before publishing here. Please share your feedback and comments. 

The video version of this list is available on our YouTube Channel.

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