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Android N Developer Preview Released

by John Bhatt
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Few days ago, we have heard of Screenshots of Android N (the upcoming version of Android, Google’s Mobile Operating System). Build number for this Preview 1 are NPC56P, NPC56R.

Some of the main and new features that were included in this Preview version of new Android, possibly will bear version no Android 7.0 (Android N). This version is announced on 09th March 2016.

  • Multi-Window Playground
  • Active Notifications
  • Messaging Service
  • Direct Boot
  • Scoped Directory Access

Multi-Window Playground is something that looks some appealing and must have feature. This feature works similarly as it was introduced in Windows 8 when you have ability to snap Metro application in part of your desktop and can run other application in other remaining region. There was limitation of screen resolution in case of Windows, but we have to wait to see whether all screen sizes using Android N gets this feature of Android Multi-Window feature will work on any screen size.

As mentioned in Android Developer website, there is major change in Notification display, they will be more sharp and have quick actions without launching the application. Something Android currently have but not for all applications.

Android N

Below is the table of supported phones and software download link directly from Android Developer website.

Device Download / Checksums
Nexus 5X
MD5: b5cf874021023b398f5b983b24913f5d
SHA-1: 6c877a3d9fae7ec8a1678448e325b77b7a7b143a
Nexus 6
MD5: af183638cf34e0eb944a1957d7696f60
SHA-1: 54b13c6703d369cc79a8fd8728fe4103c6343973
Nexus 6P
MD5: bc4934ea7bd325753eee1606d3725a24
SHA-1: 85ffc1b1be402b1b96f9ba10929e86bba6c6c588
Nexus 9
MD5: c901334c6158351e945f188167ae56f4
SHA-1: 0e8ec8ef98c7a8d4f58d15f90afc5176303efca4
Nexus 9G
MD5: 7bb95bebc478d7257cccb4652899d1b4
SHA-1: 1bafdbfb502e979a9fe4c257a379c4c7af8a3ae6
Nexus Player
MD5: f5d3d8f75836ccfe4c70e8162e498be4
SHA-1: 7027d5b662bceda4c80a91a0a14ef0e5a7ba795b
Pixel C
MD5: 4e21fb183bbbf467bee91598d587fd2e
SHA-1: 335a86a435ee51f18464de343ad2e071c38f0e92
General Mobile 4G (Android One)
MD5: 983e083bc7cd0c4a2d39d6ebaa20202a
SHA-1: 82472ebc9a6054a103f53cb400a1351913c95127

If you have any of above device, you can download the preview rom in your device and take risk to taste the new version. But be noted, this is a not finished preview version of software and some features might not work normally, until you are experience in this process and have alternate cell phone for communication, please do not proceed.

Source: Android N Developer Preview.


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