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Mail App (Windows 8) Keyboard Shortcuts

by John Bhatt
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Today, I have collected the List of Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8 Mail App. I know you must be  using Mail App if you have Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

There are some problems with Older shortcut of Mail App (Outlook) in previous windows.

Mail App (Windows 8) Keyboard Shortcuts 2

Here is the complete list of Keyboard combination to perform your task easily and in timely manner.

Ctrl+Shift+RReply all
Ctrl+MMove item to a folder
Ctrl+JToggle between marking a message as junk or not junk
Ctrl+Shift+UShow only unread messages
Ctrl+Shift+AShow all messages
Ctrl+Shift+EShow Folder options
Ctrl+UMark as unread
Ctrl+QMark as read
Ctrl+ASelect all messages
InsertToggle between Flag and Remove flag for messages
Ctrl+NNew Message
Alt+BPut focus on the bcc button
Alt+CPut focus on the cc button / Accept
Alt+TPut focus on the To button / Tentative
Alt+VOpen the invitation in Calendar
Alt+SSend mail
Alt+IInsert attachment
Ctrl+Shift+FSelect a font
Ctrl+SpacebarClear formatting
Ctrl+[Increase font size one point
Ctrl+]Decrease font size one point
Ctrl+Shift+,Decrease font size
Ctrl+Shift+.Increase font size
Ctrl+KAdd a link
Ctrl+MIndent when text is selected
Tab or Shift+TabIndent/outdent when text is selected or when focus is in a list
Ctrl+’Acute accent
Ctrl+,Cedilla accent
Ctrl+Shift+6Circumflex accent
Ctrl+Shift+;Diaeresis accent
Ctrl+`Grave accent
Ctrl+Shift+7Ligature accent
Ctrl+Shift+2Ring accent
Ctrl+/Slash accent
Ctrl+Shift+`Tilde accent
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+1Inverted exclamation mark
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+/Inverted question mark

Hope these will be helpful in your working. Keep visiting.

+John Bhatt 

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