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Microsoft Excel : Formula Result not showing

by John Bhatt
Lets get known to a common Microsoft Excel issue.


Last day, I was working with a file in my office. That file was in Microsoft Excel format and I have to analyze data. When placing some formula, I noticed, excel is not calculating formula.
Lets be clear with following screenshot.

Formula Result not showing

I tried many thing, Converted File to older format, newer format, opened and closed in other system and many other tricks but no one worked.

Actual Cause

Then suddenly I show the Format of the textbox where formula is placed. That is of kind Text and was the actually reason for not calculating formula. Microsoft Excel treats everything as normal Text string while placed or formatted as Text.


I have following two simple steps and Results are back.
Step 1: Changed formatting of Cell to Number which is of course my data type for the result. Lets have look at below screen to be more clear.

Formula Result not showing

Step 2: Clicked in Cell to go to edit mode and pressed Enter key without any modification as formula was correct. Have a look at this screen to confirm.

Formula Result not showing

Problem solved.

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+John Bhatt

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