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Download Windows 10 official ISO from Microsoft

by John Bhatt
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When Microsoft has released Windows 10 for Windows Insiders on July 15 and released publicly on 29th July 2015, we have faced so much rush between users to Upgrade their OS to Latest Windows and due to very high volume of upgrades served (almost 14 million within first 24 hours) many users are not able to get the complete Upgrade software which resulted crash in Existing OS or new OS with some features missing.

We will here describe and tell you how to download, Windows 10 Upgrade file to your System and install later as fresh install or upgrade.


Microsoft has not provided direct links for downloading ISO but they provided a tool to download Windows Installation files to your local system.

Once you download the tool, follow below steps to download ISO of Windows 10 in your system for later use. You can read How to Install Windows 7 using USB/Pend Drive and Part 2 of same article to know about how to use ISO to install from USB key in any machine.


Step 1: Run the Windows 10 Download Tool. Both version has capability to download both architecture but we tried to download 32 bit Windows 10 using 32 but tool. In the below screen, choose “Create installation media for another PC” option and click Next. 

Step 2: Choose Language, Version (Edition) of Windows 10 and Architecture (32/64 bit) and click Next.

Select Options for Windows 10 Version

Step 3: Clicking Next will lead you to below screen. Choose ISO file option because they are more reliable as they come packed and you can use many tools to convert ISO to installation disc. Click Next.


Step 4: Once you click Next, you will be prompted to ask where to save ISO. Choose a safe location and click Save.

Windows 10 Official ISO

Step 5: That’s it. Windows 10 Setup tool is downloading ISO for Windows 10. Once your progress-bar moves to 100% your ISO will be at the location you specified on Step 4. 

You will be served Build 10240 of Windows which was served to Insiders as TH1 Professional Build 10240.

Thanks for reading. We will be back with next article shortly.

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