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Live Result : Monday Night RAW Episode 1153 (29 June 2015)

by John Bhatt
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Once again, we are back with the Live Result of WWE Monday Night RAW Episode 1153 aired on 29th June 2015 live from Verizon Center, Washington, DC, United States.Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar

Match is be live on 29th June 2015 8:00 pm ET (as per Indian Time Zone 30th June 2015 05:30 AM) live on Ten Sports. We expect some statement from Brock Lesnar on the beatdown of last week which was also called Re-united Authority slayed down the Beast. Also, we can see John Cena US Championship Open challenge and some more action packed matches.

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Kickoff: Seth Rollins with Kane & J&J Security.
Match 1: Big Show defeated Mark Henry
Match 2: Ryback defeated The Miz
Match 3: Paige defeated Alicia Fox
Match 4: John Cena vs Cesaro for United States Championship
Match 5: Lucha Dragons & Prime Time Players defeated New Day & Bo Dallas
Match 6: Sheamus defeated Neville
Match 7: King Barrett vs Jack Swagger
Match 8: Seth Rollins & Kane defeated Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose


08:16 AM

Match 8: Seth Rollins & Kane vs Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

Winner: Kane & Seth Rollins

Bray Wyatt attacked Roman Reigns from no-where and as this match is No Disqualification match, match continued after the attack of Bray. Now its time to show what re-united authority can do. Kane, Seth Rollins and J&J Security is attacking Roman Reign as Dean Ambrose is out after padigree from Seth Rollins. Now Seth delivered one more Padigree to Roman and now its Bray Wyatt to deliver a sister abygail to finish the RAW.

08:07 AM
Match 7: King Barrett vs Jack Swagger

Winner: King Barrett

A Bull Hammer and Jack Swagger is out of match until Barrett secure three count..

07:46 AM
Match 6: Neville vs Sheamus

Winner: Sheamus

07:27 AM

Dolph Ziggler and Lana are up next. Dolph and Lana came to acknowledge their relation but soon they are interfered by Rusev and Summer Rae. While some conversation is going on and Rusev told something bad about Lana, Dolph told him to get out else he will made his second leg too injured. While Rusev is leaving, Summer Rae slapped Lana, soon a cat fight started between two of divas and Dolph pulled Lana back while Lana again attacked Summer to throw out or ring.

07:02 AM
Match 5: Lucha Dragons & The Prime Time Players vs The New Day & Bo Dallas

Winner: Prime Type Players & Lucha Dragons.

07:00 AM

Bray Wyatt with his message for Roman Reigns.

06:26 AM
Match 4: John Cena vs Cesaro for United States Championship

While match is supposed to start, here is Kevin Owens it seems he accepted the challenge, announcer said his name. No, he is here to invite Ceaaro. Kevin has joined Commentary team while Cesaro will fight.

Winner: Cesaro by disqualification

Cesaro bring hell of match and John Cena is always a good fighter. The match is turned a never ended while everyone is starting to say this match an epic.

Kevin Owens attacked Cesaro while he has applied sharp-shooter on John Cena and John Cena is about to tap and delivered a pop-up powerbomb to both of the superstars. Referee dismissed match and no winner was announced. But as Cesaro was attacked first, we made him Winner.

06:10 AM
Match 3: Paige vs Alicia Fox

Winner: Paige

Bella Twins are near ringside and Brie provided distraction to corner to assist Alicia. Alicia came from behind and rolled Paige, Paige Rolled her one more time and secured three count.

Next is John Cena Open Challenge time.

06:00 AM
Match 2: Ryback vs Miz

Winner: Ryback

While match is on going and Ryback dominated Miz, Miz managed to Run out of the ring and went out from ringside and referee counted upto 5 and when the Miz went back to locker room area, he announced Ryback Winner.

05:52 AM
Match 1: Big Show vs Mark Henry

Winner: Big Show

Big show delivered a knock out punch to Mark Henry and match is finished. Ryback came and speared Big Show to out of ring. Miz, who is in commentary team attacked Ryback from behind and ran out of ring.

05:31 AM
Kickoff: Seth Rollins with J&J Security.

Seth Rollins awarded the members of Authority, Kane a appreciation and trip to Hawaii. Gave an brand-new apple watch to everyone. Then a new car to J&J security.

That’s it from the Monday Night RAW Episode 1153 aired on 30/06/2015 as India Time and 29/06/2015 on USA. We will be back with next episode. Thank you for staying with us.

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